So when is the blessed event?

Yep, we can mark that one down – 13 weeks and 5 days – the first stranger comment on the pregnancy.  Being someone that is really very reserved when it comes to striking conversations with strangers (at least, those that I’m not angry with for some reason or another), I have always been put on my toes when I encounter the ‘talker’.  That stranger that will tell everyone next to her about her entire life story.  Anyway, I’m thankful to look pregnant and not just fat.

I have to admit, I was looking forward to being able to get the ‘fun’ maternity clothes this time around.  You know, the non plus-sized ones with things like the band BELOW the belly rather than the 5 yards of fabric in the totally ganny-panty sexy  style of ‘the panel’.    Some shirts that emphasized the baby belly by cinching IN instead of tenting OUT in a billowous tunic that in the right gale might be able to give you free airfare on your next flight to whatever state or providence or country neighbors your own.  I was.  But then I saw something while sitting in the doctor’s office that no one should have to see. 

There I was, reading some political page turner about how Obama’s wife believes in ‘families’ (I personally think that’s a pretty safe thing to state you believe in but whatever), when in she walks.  The girl was very pregnant.  At least, I think she was very pregnant.  She was also quite overweight so, ya know, the margin of error on that one is worth a 2 year old or two.  She was wearing some ‘under the belly band’ maternity pants (again, I THINK she was, I didn’t actually see the band.  They could’ve just been low rise pants) with a zip front hoody.  Her belly.  Not, mind you, her CLOTHED belly but her actual skin exposed belly, was hanging down outside of her sweatshirt and over her pants by a good 4 inches.    I’m not saying that her shirt did not meet her pants.  It did, in fact, it overlapped her pants.  So, here, you wonder… does she not know?  I mean, isn’t it cold?  She leaned up against the counter to check in and in doing so, squished her hanging belly up against the counter… isn’t THAT cold? 

So, anyway, now I’m paranoid about exposing skin between the under the belly band and the shirt.  Not that it is a big deal now.  The thing is, I’m gonna get bigger.  I’m told a LOT bigger.  Maybe those granny-panty panel pants aren’t looking so bad anymore.  Plus, that damn band has a habit of rolling over itself when I’m sitting or bending over so I’m constantly pulling my dumb pants up.  In true spirit of ‘the grass is always greener’, I’ve decided that what I’ve been coveting so in regards to maternity clothes for the non plus-woman is maybe not so totally perfect.

Lastly, because it is my blog, I’d like to brag about how I’ve made it into the gym every day this week.  It is amazing what a difference it makes in your life.  I mean, not just getting the exercise, although I’ve noticed I sleep better at night and am a LITTLE less tired during the day, but also in your outlook.  When I’m putting in the effort, and weighing in each day, I pay so much more attention to what I’m eating.  It takes away the ‘mocha in the morning’ (decaff, of course) draw that I face every time I drive past the shop.   It gives me the resolve to ask myself if I’m actually hungry (in which case, I find something healthy) or if I’m just wanting to eat.  I’m excited that I’ve managed to hold my weight steady over the last week and a half.  Now, not to worry, P and J!  I’m not restricting calories or anything like that at all!  If I’m hungry, I’m eating.  Anyway, I was 176 at my last appointment.  I’m hoping for 180-185 at the next appointment.

BTW – I’ve decided I’m calling these two Luke and Leia.  I know, that will make you think I’m not cool.  Hey, if this is the first indication of that, you aren’t paying much attention anyway.  Leia, because she is the strong womanly type, is baby A, holding up baby B, Luke.  Luke has issue running away from the heart doppler whenever we try to find his heartbeat.  I told P after our last US that the tech told us there was a 50% chance we’d be having a boy and a girl.  He asked if the tech really said that and I repeated that it was, ya know, 50%, so it could go either way.  Hehe.  No, we don’t know the sexes but I’m going with Luke and Leia until told otherwise anyway.


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  1. Robyn. I, as always, really enjoy being along for this adventure. Thank you for your great blogs. I’m so excited about these babies!

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