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It is crazy how fast times goes when you are looking back.  Except for the last 45 minutes when I was on a conference call at work and I SWEAR to you time stopped, these past 13 or so weeks have been speeding by.  I now look clearly pregnant and it makes for some interesting conversations.  The things strangers ask pregnant women don’t exactly fit with surrogacy situations, but it is sure fun thinking of creative answers.  My husband is amusing himself by telling people that his wife is pregnant with twins and they aren’t his.  For that matter, I’m amusing myself by telling people that I’m pregnant with twins and they aren’t mine as well.  I get funnier looks than he does though.

My friend Michelle (linked on the side, life at 100 MPH) gave me a TON of maternity clothing this weekend!  I haven’t tried them all on but the first pair of jeans I pulled out were a size large so I was nervous that they would be too small.  They fit PERFECTLY!  YAY!  I now have to go through the rest of it and find out what will fit and all that.  There are a lot of tank tops and sleeveless shirts, and being due in April means I will either have to figure out how to wear them over longer sleeved tees or they may not get worn.  I’m really excited about the tanks though because I was stressing about what I was going to wear at the gym.  I wear tank tops under EVERYTHING that I wear.  It makes me feel better knowing that my belly is being contained.  Allowing for a tank under everything AND a different tank at the gym means I’d go through a lot.  In the summer I can leave the gym clothes out in the back of my car and they’d dry so I could wear them more than once but in the winter they never dry and thus they don’t smell so great even after just one use.  (Plus, I’m not thrilled with the idea of putting on a slightly damp shirt that has been sitting in my frozen car overnight.)  I think I’m pretty well set now though!  Thanks Michelle!!

Speaking of the gym, this morning went well.  If you include finding a science book review in your son’s homework folder that you (and HE) forgot about that is due today as ‘well’.  I woke him up before leaving and hope that he managed to actually do it.  After my workout I decided to try a shower that is not as warm to see if I wouldn’t get so drained during it.  Normally I need the water just barely hot.  I’m not into the really hot showers.  I left it slightly colder than I was comfortable with today and while I didn’t get so tired, it was COLD so, ya know, pick your greater evil I guess.  Then I almost slipped and fell while walking from the shower to my locker.  You know, trying to hold shampoo, conditioner, razor and locker key in your arms while hoping to keep the ever expanding section of your body that is exposed when the towel wrapped around your girth is becoming ever more inadequate over the weeks AND walk on wet tiles in a slightly public area is tough.  It evidently became more complicated than my grace and balance could overcome when the floor dipped down to a drain area rather steeply AND my attention was drawn suddenly behind me when a staff member turned on a loud machine of some kind in a room off the shower area.  For a very brief (and yet endless) moment I found myself swaying precariously backwards.  I’m certain you are all relieved that I managed to pull through without actually crashing to the ground.  I cannot say things went so well on the scale, but I have the remainder of this week to see if I can’t repair the damage of the gym-less weekend so I’m going to postpone my distress at the number for today.

Wish me strength over the upcoming holiday (Samhain to me, Halloween to most of the rest of the world) in that I can make it without overindulgence.  Or – hope that my children have managed to learn NOTHING about sharing and refuse every single request their mother may make against the trick-or-treating stash.  Maybe everyone will hand out playdoh.  Not that the 2 year old won’t eat that… but at least it won’t tempt ME.

Speaking of the 2 year old – we spent this weekend trying to get some things around the house cleaned up.  I had a LOT of laundry to do thanks to ever so slowly not getting through it all in the weeks past.  I was busy hanging up laundry items in Ash’s room when the little two were in Gavin’s room and being rather… quiet.  I went in to shoe them out of his room and Jessie came out telling me that Asher had opened the cage to the crickets.  (AKA, Flower food)  I run into the room and there is Asher spraying the water spritzer into the open cricket cage effectively drowning any of the unlucky captives that didn’t make it out when the top came off.  Seems they were thirsty.  While kicking them out of the room and putting the cage back together Jessie admits that she ‘helped’ (duh) and I try to tell them WHY we don’t want to free the Flower food into our house.  I don’t think I got through.  The lid turned into a handy strainer while I dumped the water into the sink and left the crickets in the cage to either live or die as they could.  I then spent the next 10-15 minutes capturing tiny crickets as they ran around Gavin’s room to put them BACK into the now lake-less cage.  I got a number of them but many made their way down in to the vent where I could not get them.  As I later found, they found their way from the vent into the room directly below Gavin’s room (the TV room) and now we have the relaxing sounds of the outdoors conveniently well established in our TV room via much cricket chirping.


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  1. I’ve found the tanks to still be handy in the winter/spring-I wear a regular cardigan open with them (no plans to zip them up though). Remember, things that are too big now, you may very well need later.

  2. Glad to see they fit! There are some things from my SIL that are pretty small, but hopefully the rest works out. Maybe you could get a sweater to go over the tops That’s what I did at work. I had a couple button down sweaters (non-maternity) that worked if I didn’t button them since it was so cold in our office.

    It’s so funny to think of Ash as a 2 year old. Ugh, time goes TOO fast!

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