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Let’s talk birth day

Even with Leia trying to get away with a possible placenta previa, not to mention a breech presenation at just 12 weeks gestation, we’re going to talk about vaginal childbirth for a moment.  Having gone through said event 4 times in my life,  one would think I was fairly well qualified to do it again.  I do have a question, however. 

Pushing out twins.  Is it different??  I’ve been reading up on twin birth stories and most of the time, no one says anything.  Sometimes, however, a woman will state that it is MUCH different to push out that first twin than it is to birth a singleton.  One woman said that she felt she was only able to push on twin B and thus twin A was just getting the second hand push of force through twin B.  This sounds really horrible for the two of them but since it also sounds really horrible to me to be squashed into claustrophobic confinement with your sibling for 9 months I guess I won’t judge what it is like to be a fetus.  Any of you with multiple birth experiences… is it different to push with twin A?

OK, here is something else.  I was looking up different positions to push from.  I came across this picture:    Now, is it just me, or is it TOTALLY wrong that the woman in this picture looks all pleasant and smiley and as though she’s planting flowers in her garden and not actively evacuating an object the size of the pumpkin we just carved last night through her birth canal?  Really?  Has anyone actually birthed this way?  My memory of the actual moments of crowning and pushing were that it hurt so bad there was searing pain through my entire pelvis and I couldn’t even function enough to wipe snot off my face let alone suspend myself in a pathetic attempt at a chin up while crouching on a tipsy bed matress.  Logically, it makes sense… when you think about it with that casual dorky grin the woman in the picture is wearing.  In reality, in that moment of reality, is it actually possible, let alone an effective and positive way to give birth?  Just in case you aren’t in the ‘twin’ frame of mind, I give you 40 weeks: 


2 Responses

  1. That’s a very popular position for women in Europe and Asia. Squatting opens thing up, takes some pressure off and you have gravity working with you. Go to youtube and search for squatting birth and you can check it out for yourself. There are also twin birth videos.

  2. Sorry I can’t help with the vaginal birth aspect. I ended up with my first c due to breech Baby A. I however had not even considered that there would be differences. I just figured the first one would be like any delivery and the second one would be easier.

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