It’s all in your head

Today is a good day.  Why?  Because I was happy with the results in the gym.  I know.  Actually, I’ve been pretty busy at work too with things that I enjoy doing and I’ve been feeling quite good physically so that helps.  Still, one would think that by now I’d know how to not let the results on the scale after my workout color my whole day.  Anyway, I nudged another step towards normal for today so that is good.  I found out that the graph I had been reading that I THOUGHT was telling me normal weight gain for a twin pregnancy in the 2nd triwas ~2 pounds per week is REALLY telling me that it is about 1 pound per week.  D’oh!  Not that it changes anything practical but it does mean that it won’t be as easy as I thought it would be to kinda tread water while the weeks caught up with my weight.  I thought I was doing so uber well to have only gained 2 pounds in the last 17 days but apparently, that’s very nearly spot on for what I should be doing even if I hadn’t turned into the monster that ate Uptown between week 8 and week 13.  I’ve found that I am where I should be if I had started the pregnancy at 175 pounds.  This means that I have 10 pounds of totally NON-pregnancy related weight.  *sigh*  *Shakes head*  No, today was a good day.  I’m not going to stress about what I’m already fixing.

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a salad from the Bob’s Produce grocery store down the street.  It’s this little local store that has a really nice salad bar with really fresh (unlike our dumb work cafe) fruits and veggies.  As I went down the line picking out all my favorites like a newbie employee at the office supply cabinet, I came to the imitation crab meat.  Normally, I love this stuff.  I’m not a fan of mystery meat but I’m going with the assumption that it is some kind of fish that just looks like crab meat (without any processing at all, of course) so I try not to think about it too much.  I didn’t get any that time.  You see, P has asked me a few times about if it is hard to avoid eating things you shouldn’t eat while pregnant.  This question baffles me a bit as I’ve spent about 10 years of my life pregnant or trying to get pregnant or nursing and I’ve never actually avoided eating anything.  Based on wanting to be a good little surrogate, I looked up online things that you shouldn’t eat while pregnant and, um, scared the shit out of myself.  While logically I know that most of that is, well, not true, I have a hard time ignoring it when this isn’t MY pregnancy.  Since I didn’t remember what kind of fish is used in imitation crab, and even if I had I didn’t remember what kind of fish the list said not to eat, I just left it.  How fun is it being mental??


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