The veil grows thin

Happy Samhain!  (Pronounced Sowen with a long O.)  In theory (pagan theory, anyway) this is the time of year (one of two) when the spirit world and the mundane world come as near to each other as they will.  Beltane, in the spring, is the other time.  Now is when Father Sun passes on and the final harvest is brought in.  Now is the time to honor death and endings and the passing of the cycle of life so that rebirth and renewal may happen.  Do you think that if I tell my 2 year old that, he will honor my request to end his time with diapers?  (Um, probably not, although for the curious I do intend to spring that fun time of life onto him in Decemeber when I can take some time off of work to be home with him.  I’m not holding my breath that it will work.)

In practise, we celebrate just like everyone else.  Mostly because everyone else celebrates Halloween as if they were pagans so we just go along with it.  The kids dress up, we hand out candy, and we go out to greet our neighbors often for the first and only time of the year.  Honestly I think there should be more holidays that call on the hospitality of your neighbors, however that would mean that I’d have to admit that I could set up a gathering at my place and invite my neighbors at any time of the year and I just don’t. 

Due to the candy filled nature of this particular holiday and due to my love of chocolate, I’ve come up with some resolves to get me through this weekend without losing all the ground I’ve worked on over the week in the gym.  ONE piece of candy.  One.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry it is all so horrid but it is needed.  I did very well weight-wise over the last few weeks only to ruin it on the weekends.  Normal weekends.  I went up FOUR whole pounds last weekend and as of this morning had only managed to recover 2 of those.  So one piece it is.  I’ve decided that I can earn another piece by going to work out on Sat and/or Sun.  All the same, this isn’t easy.

To give an example:  There are pumpkin frosted sugar cookies on the counters here at work.  Pumpkin bars in one of the cubes.  Scheduled trick or treat walks around the building where the management is handing out candy.  It isn’t even 10:30 people. 

Tonight should be interesting indeed.

Yesterday I felt what I knew to be the babies moving.  Actually, baby B.  baby A is, by definition, lower down and harder to feel for sure.  Luke, however, is a very active little fetus and I fear for the safety of my ribcage when those leg bones and muscles get stronger.  With the placentas being on exact opposite sides, fundal and, well, not fundal as I don’t really want to say ‘near the cervix’ as I’m still in my own medically backed up state of denial, I’m hoping it will not be too hard to tell Luke from Leia as they grow bigger and take up more space.


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