So far, so good, but there’s a long way to go

I’m declaring the weekend a success!  I managed to hold steady at my 16 pound gain and if I can keep that up until the end of this week, I’ll be at 16 pounds for 16 weeks.  Not ideal, but not crazy over the top either.  Of course, that assumes keeping to the 1 pound per week rule for the remainder of the pregnancy as well.

Honestly, things are actually getting tougher.  Being the uber non-sissy mega girl that I am, I don’t like to admit when I might actually need help with something.  Due to this, I was 40 weeks pregnant with Asher and crawling under dusty desks at work hooking up PCs and doing other various IT stuff.  People OFFERED to do it for me, but really, there was no way I was gonna let a GUY help out this poor GIRL, pregnant or not.  The thing is, I’m only 15 weeks along now.  I fear that things will quickly get beyond my ability to go from crawling to standing all from my own effort.  Balance and girth-wise, I’m not feeling nearly 40 weeks along.  The trouble comes more in trying to get enough breath in to keep from passing out.  I wish I knew what this was all about.  I’ve been dutifully relying on the hubby to chase and carry the quite unwilling Asher up three flights of stairs at bedtime and I’m glad that he can help out.  It would be less perplexing (one of my 9 year old son’s spelling words, if you can believe that) if I was feeling more drained from my workouts.  THOSE have been going fine.  Well, except for today.  That wasn’t due to being tired though.  That was due to the tendons under my uterus stating in a very obnoxious way “WTF lady?”  Apparently they just weren’t prepared for how fast these giant sea monkeys can grow in there.

The holiday weekend was quite fun.  Before leaving last Friday I had dug out and put on display a few of our Samhain decorations for outside.  We had bought some lights but the hubby tends to get delusions of work ethics while in the store and purchasing those things but he doesn’t manage to get them DISPLAYED.  I did what I could and left it at that.  Jessie had a party at her preschool that day and she got to bring her costume.  She was pretty excited about that, which I was really happy to see since she is usually so upset whenever preschool Fridays come along.  I went to pick her up from preschool first after work and she was out playing with some other kids in the playground.  My crazy girl can be the star of the pack and love preschool and have her teachers telling me how totally NOT SHY she is, and then spend the next week being full of anxiety about going back to school and refuse to speak to anyone.  This type of ‘shy’ will never stop messing with my head.  Anyway, she had fun and talked about her party on the way home.  When we pulled into the driveway we noticed that Daddy had put up the lights!!  That was fun.  We went inside for a moment but I had to head back out to get Asher from daycare and Jessie wanted to come with me (I had THOUGHT she’d go in and start getting ready for trick or treating.)  We went to get Ash and our daycare lady gave me little treat bags for Jessie and Gavin even though Ash was the only one there for the day.  The bags had whistles in them.  I’m starting to think that Cindy secretly hates me.

We got home (I was deaf) and got everyone something to eat.  Then costumes were brought out and everyone got ready.  Gavin had been invited to go trick or treating with a friend from school so I ran him over there around 6:30 while Kris held down the house with the kids and answering the door.  Once I got home I was all set to fight for my wishes to stay home and answer the door while he went out with the kids but as soon as I started my rehearsed request he just said he had assumed he’d being going out with them.  Huh.  Cool.  I’d have loved to go out with them but walked while pulling the wagon with them didn’t sound like something I was quite up for.  Besides, I had whistles to hide.

Turns out, they all had fun.  Ash had refused to say trick or treat to anyone but I wasn’t shocked as he had refused to say it to us all the weeks before.  Jessie did a good job saying her lines.  She also told me that she was ready to tell Santa what she wanted and she wasn’t going to be shy.  This was a very solemn declaration to me amidst almost tears about how she really wanted to talk to Santa.  I think she puts a lot of pressure on herself.. I certainly didn’t feel the need to make her say anything to Santa.  (Although, sitting on his lap with a smile would be nice for the cheesy mall picture.)

I stuck to my 1 candy for the night, got up the next morning at 6:30 and went to the gym while the family slept, and then went home and was force fed about 5 pieces by my children.  Seriously, Asher totally overpowered me and made me eat chocolate.  Why does no one believe me?


2 Responses

  1. Sorry, I don’t believe you either. Mom

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s a little bit afraid of the Duggars. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’ll be back to read your blog again soon.

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