The flip side of the coin

I actually went down in weight from yesterday!  I don’t know that I can force myself to eat more than I did yesterday so I’m hoping it was just a fluke.  I’ve got heartburn as we speak from breakfast and I’m eyeing the banana and apple I have at my desk and I don’t think I can eat them.  I SHOULD be getting hungry about now since it is nearly lunch time but something about having to lean back in my chair as I type so that my ribcage can sit normally is preventing me from feeling much hunger.  How in the world can I be a day away from 16 weeks?  I couldn’t have even told you I was pregnant at 16 weeks with Ash… I mean… I knew I was but I had nothing to show for it.

Our meal situation at home has been interesting lately.  Well, reverse interesting to mean mostly boring me out of my mind and that is more accurate.  With Gavin’s declaration that he is vegetarian, I am trying very hard to honor that.  I am not trying to make vegetarian meals for all of us, but I am making a strong effort to have something slightly modified if need be for him.  He said that he is OK with dairy, but not eggs.  I wish, honestly, that he’d have reversed that since *I* don’t do much dairy but I love eggs.  That said, adding beans to our rice and lentils to some meat-free spaghetti sauce set aside for him was fine the first few days.  After a week of that, I’m getting frustrated.  I can’t keep offering him lentils and black beans as his only source of protein and iron.  Actually, he doesn’t even LIKE either of those so I can’t serve them outright or he’ll refuse. 

I will just have to learn more about how to feed my vegetarian kid because my choices are to do that or to tell him he isn’t allowed to be vegetarian as long as he lives under MY roof and honestly I think I’d have too much of an identity crisis if I did that.  Me, not him.  He’d get over it, especially if I just served baby hotdogs (aka little smokies) for a week.  I’d feel bad my whole life that I squashed my son’s admirable stance at finding himself and being healthy and working for something he believes in.  My third choice, of course, is to tell him that chocolate and pop tarts are animal products and that he’d have to stop eating them if he really wanted to be vegetarian and the whole thing would just go away.

The other day in the car, Jessie told me that P and J are having a girl and a boy baby.   We were driving home and Jessie was talking about when she got to be as big as me and how she was going to have kids.  She said “Sometimes you have kids that are for P and J though, and not for your house.”  Now, hopefully she doesn’t, in fact, plan on handing out any of my grandchildren to P and J, but I didn’t choose to focus on this just then.  Instead I wanted to reiterate the point that I’ve said to all the kids a number of times: these aren’t our kids.

I went on to explain to her that these kids were P and J’s  children all along and that a doctor (I didn’t include the word slimeball, although I said it in my head) PUT P and J’s babies INTO my belly so they could grow big and strong.  They are not actually our children.  She thought I was being really infantile and told me so immediately with a “DUH Mom.  I mean the girl and the boy baby that you are growing for P and J.”  I said, Um, girl and boy baby?  “Yes Mom (pronounced with two syllables in a way only an annoyed little kid can), the girl and the boy baby in your belly, that is who I was talking about.”  “So, there is a girl and a boy in there?”  “Ya, and when they grow up, they will have 1 mommy and 3 daddies in their family… after the babies get as big as you too.”

Have you ever noticed that sometimes kids just KNOW stuff in a really creepy way?  If there really IS a girl and a boy baby in there I wouldn’t be shocked.


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  1. I’m not sure how old Gavin is, but I was vegetarian as a teenager and it was quite difficult at first. To start with you could ask him to research some vegetarian recipes that he likes, then you need to work out what you can do and how often you can incorporate those into your family meals.

    You could choose two vegetarian meals the family will eat per week – stir fries, curry and pasta dishes are good. And you can always cook some meat on the side and add it after serving Gavin first. Another good idea is to make some vegetarian lasagna or another good bulky yummy meal and freeze it in individual serving sizes for the nights when you just can’t be bothered cooking a separate meal. Also, having a few simple and healthy meals he can cook for himself can help take the pressure off you and give him some control over what he eats.

    Finally, I would suggest that you sit down with him and talk about vegetarianism and do some research with him so he knows what he has to eat to make up for the lack of meat in his diet. Get him on a good multivitamin and explain why it’s so important for him to take it. I’d also talk about reading labels and researching what’s in food – even poptarts – so he’s able to make the appropriate choices. It may put him off it a bit, but you might be surprised by the sacrifices he’s prepared to make.

    Bakespace has a vegetarian section – but when you start looking there are heaps of great vegetarian and vegan websites and blogs.

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