When a blog isn’t really a blog

So yesterday, because it makes me feel good to hear about people that are worse off than myself, I was googling blogs about people that had gained a lot more weight than they should’ve in a twin pregnancy.  I was using the handy google blog specific search to only get personal stories.  Sadly, generally what I got were pages and pages of experts advertising themselves with the same old book-crap I can read anywhere.  Google, seriously, I want blogs, not this commercialized pretend blog junk with no one’s day to day life journals.

Browsing through a few of my failed google fishing attempts, I was reading the ‘professional’ advice on twin pregnancy weight gain.  It was all the same as what I’ve read everywhere else so it didn’t shock me.  What shocked me, really, was the prevalence of it.  I mean, literally, it was pages and pages of people telling you how important it is to gain plenty of weight in a twin pregnancy.  Warnings that you need to get all the way up to 45 pounds by the end of this so you’d better get started.  Admonishments to eat calorie dense foods like cheese, nuts, and milk shakes instead of bulky, low calorie foods and plain water.  Tips on leaving the workouts to people not pregnant, or those pregnant with only singletons because, you know, you need to save every calorie you can eat to pack on those 45 pounds!  Cripes people, if I did that, I’d be gaining 10 pounds per week!!  I know this because when I WAS avoiding the workouts but still eating the evil bulky fresh fruits and veggies and plain water, I was going up 5 pounds per week so, really, let’s add a shake or two to that and see what happens.  Who ARE these people that have to work so hard to gain 1 pound per week???  You would think, based on the percentage of twin pregnancy weight gain advice focused on telling you how to gain more weight, that it is the rare person indeed that could watch a Johnsonville Brat commercial and gain 2 pounds.

I never knew I was so special.  So, for those of you out there googling “gained so freaking much weight” and “twin pregnancy”, I give you me.  I’m at 16 weeks and I’m at 18 amazing pounds gained.  To gain those 18 pounds, I have been working out nearly daily, eating sparingly of lean meats, cheeses (or any dairy), and whole grain breads.  I’ve been eating primarily fresh fruits and vegetables with beans and nuts and eggs to add protein.  Apparently, I’m a complete and total freak and I’m pretty sure it isn’t fair because DAMN, do I want to live like those professionals are advising.  P and J, 400 pounds sounds like a reasonable amount to gain, right?  How badly do I want a shake?

I am closing in on 17 weeks now, and I actually went DOWN this morning to those 18 pounds gained from the 19 pounds gained I was at Monday and Tuesday.  This belly really is insanely huge now though so, just to reiterate, who ARE those people that don’t experience this?  Also, it is really tricking out my brain to have this belly that makes me think of the pregnancy as being further along than it is, but to have only 16 week babies in there that I cannot feel moving all the time.  A few jabs here or there, maybe, every few days, but hardly the hourly or even daily twists and movements that I’d expect from a belly this size.  I wish they’d move more often or I could feel it more often because there is nothing as reassuring as that.  I can’t wait for next week’s US to see how big they are!

For a totally different topic, I’d like to babble a bit on politics because I’m perplexed by something.  How did religious come to mean republican?  My mother is very christian.  (Well, she thinks she is.  I’m pretty sure she’d admit to being pagan if she opened her mind but I’m not going there.  Methodist it is.)  I grew up in a church community that was all, like her, fairly democratic.  I honestly grew up thinking that religious people were like her, and thus, democratic.  It is so odd to me to see the more fanatical people out there that are so nuts that they are actually getting defensive about “I’m still keeping my religion!” after the election. 

There was a religious station on the radio that I heard while flipping through stations the morning after the election trying to find results (I had passed out the night before) and it was literally running this constant soothing voice that was saying “These things will not change.  God is still there for you.”  Etc.  Really?  I mean, really?  Your faith is so questionable that admitting that your government doesn’t have to enforce everyone ELSE upholding your specific faith would harm you personally?  It would cause you, yourself, to lose your religion… or to feel at risk of losing your religion?  Odd. 

I guess when you discuss with some people where your son is participating in cub scouts about making certain allowances for other religions in the organization and they say “Well, What religion?”  (Like it freaking matters you egotistical moron, YOU don’t get to decide which religions are valid.) and you say “Wiccan”  (We’re not Wiccan, I keep telling my husband that, but I think he didn’t want to say “pagan” just then and I doubt it would’ve mattered.) and the guy goes into epileptic seizures while saying “There’s no way in hell that would ever happen!”  I guess when you go through THAT in your life and know your convictions to still hold true… you don’t worry so much that someone else in a different county might go through a special ritual that you haven’t personally approved beforehand that might make your religion less dominant in the eyes of our society.


2 Responses

  1. The religion discussion is an interesting point. I was taught in school that the republican party’s ideology revolved around minimizing the size of government. Now it has evolved into “republicans are moral, christian people with family values, and democrats are heathens”. I know many christian, moral democrats and heathen republicans (and vice versa) so that doesn’t really make sense to me. Personally, I think that religion/faith is a very personal thing between a person and their God(s) (or lack-there-of), and has no place in politics…

  2. My faith really does influence my values which influences my politics. And I belong to the UCC church now. (More progressive) Mom

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