My deepest apologies!

Ever so sorry for leaving you hanging.  I did not have access to update my blog after the appointment until ~9PM and I was too tired then.

The US went great!!  Two babies, two membranes, two placentas, two cords well formed and coming and going from and to where they should.  They are still measuring a week ahead just as they have been all along.  They were moving up a STORM for the US.  I could feel them moving just like crazy even before the US started and as I’ve said, I don’t even feel them every day so this was a pretty good indication that they were as excited as we were. 🙂 

As it turns out, we have two big healthy baby boys in there.  Jessie was not accurate, it seems, although when I told her at home that there were two boys she was very excited to conclude that they will have FOUR boys living at the house when the babies come.  I do have  a picture to scan in that managed to get both boys in the same shot, but I’m hoping that I’ll get a scan of this really cute “James Bond” pose from one of the boys to share as well.

One thing to note from the US.  The tech was very experienced.  She said she’s had 17 years of experience doing this and she was quick at finding what she was looking for.  (Which was great because it was a LONG session with the two kids and because they were moving so much, you pretty much had to be fast to get anything.)  She said something that annoyed me though.  The boys are dichorionic and diamniotic which is really really good.  I happened to say to P and J though that it didn’t mean they weren’t identical.  granted, the odds were REALLY REALLY low, still, it didn’t mean for sure.  The US tech shot that one down and said no way.  If they were identical, they’d have to at least share a placenta.  Now, I know I’ve read many many times over that this isn’t true.  In fact, even my OB doc has said that isn’t true.  She wasn’t having anything to do with it though.  I’d just like to quote for a moment from this book that P and J loaned me:

“When the split happens within three days of conception, while the original zygote is still traveling down the fallopian tube, these identical twins will have two seperate placentas, two chorions, and two amnions.  This is a diamniatic, dichorionic twin pregnancy.”  – Dr. Barbara Luke, When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, page 8,

Now, extrapolating from my OWN research on IVF and twinning, when the cell collapses as it is dividing, as it often can, sometimes it will re-grow with TWO inner cell masses instead of the normal one.  When that happens, new research is finding, those two inner cell masses will BOTH hatch from the outer cell wall and if they both implant, will do so separately and develop their own placentas, chorions, and amnions.  Thus, in IVF, you could end up with identical diamniotic dichorionic twins.  This collapsing, it seems, is more likely in 5 day transfers due to the environment of the petry dish not being as ideal as a fallopian tube.  Thus, it is slightly higher odds of having identical twinning from a 5 day transfer, according to new research.  Anyway, as with all thing nature related, there are no hard and set rules and my very long point is that the US tech was, in fact, wrong and I was right.  So there.  Incidentally, I’ve also heard that HALF identical twinning is possible if the ovum splits in the fallopian tube before even being fertilized and thus two sperm fertilize two genetically identical ovum and you have half identical twins.  I don’t know if this is true or not but I have no reason to think it couldn’t be.

Speaking of said book, I was reading it because it was quoted by some people to me to be a book that suggests gaining MORE weight than any other medical resource I’ve ever seen.  I’m all over that.  I’ve just browsed through it and as of this morning started reading it for real so I don’t have much to say about it yet.  I will share this: She says not to shun fast food establishments as they can offer decent nutrition for the woman pregnant with multiples.  This makes my brain hurt.  Saturated and trans fat aside, fast food has far too much sodium, preservatives, and harmful chemicals in it to be healthy for anyone on a regular basis, in my no-medical-school opinion.  I will admit to the occasional visit but I do NOT think it is appropriate in any health advise book to say anything other than “Do NOT look to fast food establishments for any sort of health or nutrition.”  Well, as much as I want to worship Barbara Luke and her advice, she has not brought about my blind devotion just yet.  We will wait and see what she says about chocolate and peanut butter.

After the US we had the clinic appointment.  I had my weigh in which was OK – 186 – but still a full and exact 10 pounds OVER my previous weigh in at 11 weeks and 4 days.  6 weeks, 10 pounds, yep, I rock people.  Or, I AM a rock.  A big one.  You are totally right, Cyn, I obsess WAY too much about this.  P and J were totally wonderful the whole entire time and kept saying that I didn’t look like I’ve gained anything but the baby bump, well, babies bump, so that was good.  I think in reality I’m afraid to stop obsessing over it because if I do, it would be so easy for me to tumble ever so quickly in the other direction with no control at all.  Finding that balance is so difficult for me and requires so much constant analysis of my eating motivations.  All I can offer is my honest word that I will TRY to let up on myself some.

As easy as that is to say, so far, it was easy to DO today because my morning weight check came back at 183 which puts me BACK to my 18 pound gain only two days away from actually BEING 18 weeks.  My ‘would-be heroine’ Dr. Barbara Luke says you need a minimum of 25 pounds in 20 weeks so I’m feeling good about that.  I’m also feeling good about the fact that my OB doc completely missed my question about lower back pain, especially after working out, and my concern about it being contraction/preterm labor oriented and thought that I was just whining about the pain.  Honestly, he should know me better than that because I’m in all SORTS of pain that I did NOT bring up because I’m not worried about it meaning anything bad but to his credit I’m certain most women DO whine about the aches of pregnancy to him expecting him to make the discomfort go away.  I have no such expectations.  I only want to know if there is something I need to know about my reaction to the pain.  Anyway, due to him being so not concerned about the medical aspects of my lower back pain I’m reassured that it is normal and does not indicate that my morning walking is overdoing anything.

In fact, I was so well pleased with the morning weigh in, that I talked myself into a small decaf mint mocha from Caribou this morning.  🙂  Part of why I’m so happy about it is because P and J and I had a ‘night out’ where they brought me to a downtown hangout that they like and I had a very rich meal.  There was deep fried asparagus, salmon, cheesy fries, a cheese plate with bread, a poached pear salad, and a pumpkin custard and chocolate cake dessert.  I know, yum!  It was a great time and I’d have probably eaten more if the baby belly hadn’t started aching a bit with the big meal so, I guess, I was done.  I had talked myself into being OK with a 186 result and happy with a 185 result so I nearly fell off the scale at the 183.  Good times, yes, but not much of a test of my resolve to calm down about hitting the ‘right’ weight gains.  I’m sure that test will come soon enough.

I had better get this posted though because I know I’ve got 1 or 2 readers waiting anxiously to find out our US results.  Two little healthy (1 week ahead even) boys for my boys!  Now I’ve got to think of a new name for the little guys.  Oddly enough, they shot down ‘Ren and Stimpy’ so… back to the drawing board!


5 Responses

  1. Great news about the two healthy babies! I wouldn’t want them to be identical if it were me, do you think that P & J wanted that? This way you could have a baby P and a baby J. I think that would be better anyhow.

    Yeah, I don’t think I’d like my kids being called Ren and Stimpy either. You had the Tater Tot. These two could be Mike and Ike (if you like the candy/food thing). I looked a little for ‘famous male duos’ and found these cute ones:
    Tom and Jerry
    Bert and Ernie
    Spongebob and Patrick
    There are tons of other movie, comedy and sports related ones online. I’m excited to see what you pick!

  2. I’m glad to hear they have heathy growing babies in there. And “Yeah” for boys!

    I never had a cute nickname for the baby when I was pregnant. We just called him “baby”…. They could be “peanut butter & jelly” for P & J. Yep, that’s pretty corny.

  3. Great news! Two healthy boys! Poor you… they will probably start duking it out before they’re even out of the womb… It sounds like you are doing everything you can to stay healthy so good for you!

  4. Yay! Healthy babies!

    I’m glad you’re going to ease up on yourself a bit in regards to that damn scale. Seriously. I know it’s your only tangible evidence you have to keep yourself in control but you do seem to be obsessing about it lately. At least your blog posts seem that way.

    Of course, this is probably bugging me so much because I had an aunt that was obsessed with her weight during her first pregnancy and stunted the baby’s growth and development. My cousin, Jessica, was born with vision problems and needed coke bottle glasses as an infant and then also had some learning problems as well. So, ya know, I’m a little sensitive to the whole obsessive weight control while pregnant thing. 🙂 I’ll try not to project on you. 🙂

  5. I have to agree with Kristina. As long as you’re eating healthy, don’t worry about the number. Remember Robyn, Twins tend to come early and a fat preemie is a healthy preemie, so you should be trying to fatten the babes up. You’ll have all the time in the world to work out after they’re born. 😉

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