You can’t believe everything you read

I’m feeling a tad misunderstood so I want to make something clear.  First, when I obsess over the scale, it is the scale alone and not, as it turns out, what I’m eating.  Odd as that sounds, it was that way with losing the weight as well so to me it makes sense.  I set in my mind what my lifestyle should be like, work to live to that as best I can, and I expect the scale to follow suit.  I’m mad at the scale because it is not, in fact, following suit and the incongruity of it is throwing me.  This does not mean that I’m living on cottage cheese and pineapple slices on top of an iceberg lettuce leaf (Because, you know, that is the essence of a good dietary plan – and anyone who is reading this and takes that seriously better not sue me when it doesn’t work out for you).  It means that I’m eating as I need to, keeping me and these babies very well nourished, and venting off the steam because the mix between my damn genetic code and my previously obese equilibrium setting seems to be making my body pack on the weight like a walrus heading into winter.

Next, the only reason you mostly hear about me gaining too much weight is because according to the guidelines I’ve thus far read, I seem to be ahead of the curve by about 4 weeks.  (Since the babies are ahead of the curve by about 1 week, I’ll give myself the benefit of saying 3 weeks but that is still ahead.)  If for any reason I went for a 2 week stretch and didn’t gain ENOUGH weight, trust me, you’d hear me whine in the other direction.  I’m obsessed with gaining the RIGHT amount of weight, not just not too much, so please don’t worry about me producing skinny babies.

Actually, my big push right now to calm down is because of the whacked out blood pressure I had at the appointment of something like 124/56.  Since I’ve never really had blood pressure issues in pregnancy I’m assuming this was due to my weigh-in anxiety.  That I really don’t care to have following me around.

Anyway, this book I’m reading… http://www.drbarbaraluke.comI could easily decide in my head that even though, indeed, BECAUSE of the fact that she flies in the face of ALL the other twin pregnancy medical experts that I’ve found online, she must know MORE than all of them and be the one that is right.  I could decide that because HER weight ranges put my actual gain pattern right where I would expect it to be based on my diet and activity level.  No one else has managed that.  The trouble is, I think she’s a bit of a quack, and even a bit MORE of an internet ‘subscriber’ whore, who is using fear and our desires to have healthy babies to get us to give her our credit card numbers online.  Even so, I’m going to mix the fact that there MIGHT just be something to the idea that most OBs don’t tell women pregnant with twins or more to eat enough AND that there are so many tiny multiples born along with the fact that my knowledge of healthy eating is leading me to live the way I am and I’m naturally following along in the path she suggests.  Together those two concepts tell me that her guidelines will work well enough for me.  Plus, that means I don’t have to go nuts over thinking my body is an uncontrollable ogre.  Gotta love that bonus.  I just wish she’d be a bit more against the fast food concept.

SO, according to HER, by week 18 (tomorrow) I should gain somewhere between 18 and 27 pounds.  I was 184 this morning which puts me at 19 pounds gained.  She ALSO suggests that I should take the number of calories suggested for a singleton pregnancy and increase that by 50%.  I was eating 1400 cals before getting pregnant and stood stable at ~160-165 for 9 months.  For a single pregnancy, they say to add 300 calories.  That’s 1700, but I’m also burning 400 LESS calories in workouts so really that’s 1300 calories.  Multiple that by 1.5 to add the 50% and you get 1950 calories per day.  Now, I’m only iffy on subtracting the workout calories but I know it makes a big difference so I’m willing to go with 2000 calories per day.  (Her book actually states 3500 calories per day for a twin pregnancy but that is going off a daily dietary need of 2200 to maintain a non-pregnant weight and that is NOT my resting metabolism rate at ALL.  If I were to eat 3500 calories per day, I’d look like Barney in a week.  A very ill Barney.  That needed to spend more time on the treadmill.) 

As I have not generally been eating 2000 calories per day, that would sit perfect with my current weight gain being at 19 pounds from the 18-27 pound range.  See, like I said, it makes sense with my body.  Also, because I generally have been eating closer to the 2000 (if not over) and ALSO not working out at all on the weekends, it explains why my weight gain generally happens on the weekends and not during the weeks, although, that part wasn’t so much of a mystery to me.

So, I’m just going to follow her guidelines… because it makes me feel good about myself… and that’s pretty much all I’m saying about it.


2 Responses

  1. I tried to respond yesterday and my computer shut down and I forgot about it until today’s new post.
    Here’s my thoughts about Dr. Luke and her fast food comments in general. I don’t follow her (or any book for that matter) 100%. I take what she says and ‘roll with it’. To me when she said fast food can be ok, what she meant was ‘don’t freak out if you really want some fast food, there are some healthy alternatives and really the twins desire some fat each day anyhow’. Most places offer salads-even if not the best salad, it’s a greenery really easily that won’t kill you if you eat if every so often. Even if you order a burger as well, you’ve got your red meat-great iron, add in some cheese and there’s an extra shot of protein and calcium, topped with lettuce and tomato- more veggies and even if you keep the mayo on, that bit of fat isn’t going to hurt anyone. She’s certainly not endorsing eating every meal at a fast food place, but reminding neurotic twin carriers everywhere that it’s OK, in moderation I’m sure. Plus for some reason that I haven’t figured out, we are supposed to be consuming extra sodium.
    Another resource you may want to check out is Blue ribbon baby. They don’t focus on weight gain so much as eating the correct amount of the correct foods each day. They have a checklist and even one for multiples.

    There are many surros who do not care for Dr. Luke’s guide to gaining so much weight and feel they had perfectly healthy babies-there’s really no way to know for sure, but her ideas are what made the most sense to me and more importantly it was the book my IM liked the best and she was more comfortable with me gaining more weight than less.

    One of the other thoughts behind gaining more initially is that many women find they can’t eat much once they get a certain size and the calories coming in towards the end of the pregnancy is less than in the beginning and the babies need the extra to pull from. I was not one of those women however, my appetite was enormous the entire pregnancy.

    I hope I didn’t imply that the boys aren’t being nourished, I was hoping to help take away some of your worries. Congrats on the boys’ reveal!

  2. Is it 50% more calories total or 50% more additional calories? If you’re supposed to add 300 calories for a singleton, and add 50% more for twins I would assume you’re supposed to add 450 calories. But, that’s just how I do math, I’m no Dr. Luke.

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