Asher’s Thanksgiving weekend

So here I sit, in bed, with my lap top, listening to my youngest babble away in his crib where he is supposed to be napping.  He has been in there for about an hour now, happily chatting away to himself.  Because it is 3:15 and I was late putting him down at all, if he falls asleep now, I’ll probably have to wake him up for dinner and then put him BACK to sleep shortly after for bed time.

I honestly do NOT understand these kids.  If someone gave ME nap time, I’d jump on it.

That’s OK though.  I’m glad to hear him happy because this weekend could’ve gone a lot differently.  On Wednesday night/Thursday morning, Asher got me up around 6.  He was running a slight fever.  I got him some meds and got him back to sleep but that morning when he got up he still felt warm and was really crabby.  Because I’m talking about a 2 year old, I’d like to stress that really crabby goes beyond your average “NOOOOOO, I want the BLUE plate.  WAAAAAaaaaaaaaa” as he locks himself into his room and screams because he saw you pulling the pink plate out of the cupboard as you got his SISTER’S dinner ready.  That, sadly, is normal.  No, really crabby meant that we’d say “Let’s take off your mittens and put them in the basket.” and he’d scream “Noooooooo, mittens stay ON! WAAAAaaaaaaaa…” and sit under that table screaming for the next 3 hours for really no reason at all.  THAT is when you wish you had TWO two year olds at once.  Oh, wait, no, sorry, I don’t wish that.

Well, we drugged Asher up really well and headed over to my Mother In Law’s house for Thanksgiving.  It was a low fever and other than being a tad easy to set off, he seemed fine.  I’d like to brag that while at my MIL’s house, we brought Ash’s crib pillow, crib blanket, and ‘blankie’, and he actually napped over there like a champ.  We just set his stuff up on the floor in my MIL’s room and I told him it was nap time and to go to sleep and he actually did.  I, for one, was floored.

We got home and got the kids to bed and Asher woke up around 2 with a raging fever.  I’ll admit I’ve stopped taking ‘official’ temp readings with the kids because I don’t think it is any more accurate than my estimates from what they feel like.  I’d guess him at a good 103-104, and it was high enough to actually freak me out a little.  I got him some meds and a cool wet washcloth and unzipped his jammies and wiped him down.  He seemed to really enjoy the washcloth on his head but not so much anywhere else.  I got the fever down and he went back to sleep but was up again not much later just whimpering.  This was even more disturbing to me as he didn’t have a fever, he was already medicated so I couldn’t give him anything more, and there wasn’t anything I could do.  I just held him in my lap and he fell asleep again while I held him.  Poor boy. 

That morning I convinced the husband to bring him into urgent care just to check on him.  I figured it was highly likely they’d say it was viral and there was nothing to be done, which was fine with me, but I really wanted that check because that night was so unusual for him.  Turns out… he has pneumonia.  I nearly dropped the phone when the hubby told me that.  No coughing, not even really a runny nose.  I’m so glad to have checked.  I’m not so thrilled with forcing him to take the meds he hates enough to gag and throw up all over me for, but that is better than him suffering through pneumonia for a few more days while we waited for him to just get better on his own.  For the record, I’m still big on leaving the kids alone when they are sick and not running off to the doctor office for every runny nose or fever.  I think you just have to trust your instincts for when there really is something wrong.


2 Responses

  1. Poor guy! My 9 year old ended up with pneumonia last spring. it felt horrible as a parent. I too thought it was not really anything and was shocked when the x-ray showed pneumonia. The medicine required is not any easier to get down at 9. We too had vomiting episodes the first few days-at 9 years old!
    Speedy recovery to the little man!

  2. Pneumonia! Oh no! I had that as a baby and it was no fun for my mother (I still hear about it!)

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