Who gave the crazy pregnant lady her own blog anyway?

As promised, a real post.

You may prefer the tag one, there is less whining.

I feel vindicated in a very odd sort of way.  Due to not wanting to seem like the anorexic pregnant lady, I resolved to give up the tight management routine and give a little slack.  I pushed out the calories to an admirable 2000 per day.  For 2 days, I sat at 183 anyway and astounded myself with the weight results and thought maybe I was making a big deal out of nothing.  Then came a piece of pie on Thanksgiving day.  A little frozen yogurt after dinner some other nights.  A steak burrito Mexican thing from a restaurant last night.  Honestly, I don’t think I majorly indulged anywhere specifically.  It is just that I sort of indulged a little every day.  By Sunday I was up to 188 which was a pound UP from the crazy 187 I had on Thursday morning which was the last day I went to work out in the morning before Ash’s illness.  I was all set, then, to come back to my bloggers and say SEE???  I just can’t eat like that.  That was until I weighed in this morning.

189.  OK people.  I am 4 days away from 2 weeks and 6 pounds up.  Someone please tell me that they believe me when I say that my metabolism is set to live well on 3 sesame seeds per day and half a sunflower seed.  I really really want to give this the full two weeks just to see what happens, but I already feel bloated and gross.  I can feel it in my ankles.  It is possible that I really AM just retaining a huge ton of water after spending much of Sunday walking around shopping for the holidays.  I was THINKING that all the exercise would have my weight down… I’m glad we decided to NOT stop at Cold Stone Creamery to try out their new dark chocolate flavor after all.  (Even though I cannot get it out of my head ever since reading they have it.)  I’m going to finish out this week by staying on my ‘don’t worry so much’ path BUT I am going to watch the sodium closely and try to get more plain water to drink. 

At the end of the week, if I weight 195 pounds, I really am going to cry.  I almost did this morning after I weighed in.  On my way out of the gym there was a woman that I had seen running on the treadmill while I walked getting on the scale.  She is taller than me, I think, and I think she was very trim and athletic looking.  She was 150 pounds.  (I know, evil me that actually looked at the scale.)  I was thinking, Wow, *I* was not so very far from weighing what SHE weighs once.  I never thought of myself as looking trim and athletic.  I knew I was looking healthy and not specifically overweight, but that was all.  Then – just – all the WORK I had to put in to get to that point and all the WORK I would always have to put in to STAY at that point to fight my body’s natural pull AND the realization of just how far from that point of being so very CLOSE I’ve gotten now crashed on my head at once.  It isn’t really being pregnant, even with twins.  It is that my system is so far from the normal end of what I should be able to eat, that here I am sticking to what I’m told to eat and I gain 6 pounds in 10 days.  Yuck.  See, whine fest – how much fun is that?

Well, other than that and my slight inclination to call these boys “Godzilla” and “King Kong” due to their extraordinary growth ability (self defense mechanism: blame it on the fetuses), the pregnancy is going along very well.  Just shy of 20 weeks and I’m feeling pretty good!  The back pain that I was experiencing back at about 17 weeks has not been hanging around these last few weeks and I’m enjoying the assurance of being able to feel them moving around more regularly.  I’ve even noticed some big enough movements that someone else could observe them if they were in the right place at the right time.  I would ever so much love to have P and J get to feel them moving, but whenever I try to get the boys to repeat the performance on que, they get stage fright and refuse.  That doesn’t bode well for getting them to step up and, well, kick, right when I’m visiting with P and J.

As an update for Asher, he never seemed to be all that sick.  That one night of fever and the next night, just 6 hours after the first medicine dose, he had no fever.  Of course, NOW, he has the diaper rash from hell due to the antibiotics and I’m wondering if he ever really did have pneumonia or if the urgent care doc had just said that because she thought Kris was expecting to get an excuse to give his son side-effect laden drugs.  Sunday will be the magic ’10 days’ time frame when we can stop with the meds and I find myself dreaming of reaching that date often.  He has gotten REALLY GOOD about taking the meds.  We’ve told him that they will help get rid of the bugs that are making him sick.  I haven’t decided if that was good parenting or damaging psychological manipulation but either way, the effect is that he says “Bugs go away!” now and opens his mouth for the meds.  If he ever drew the correlation between the meds and his bottom that is so sore he eyes his chair at the dinner table with post traumatic stress symptoms and prefers to kneel on the padded ‘adult’ chairs, he’d probably throw my whole ‘bugs’ concept back at me with a good deal of venom.

My water glass is empty and I need to go get more so… signing off people!


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  1. See, I wouldn’t be so worried about the actual number, but if you’re body ‘feels’ bad than I would be concerned. Perhaps if you know an increase in sodium causes physical problems for you, watch the sodium. But I can’t imagine that a Coldstone would raise your sodium.
    Your at a period in the pregnancy when you’re weight should jump anyhow. When I went in for my 20 week my weight had increased more in that month than any other. It’s back to a smaller increase this last month.

    I don’t recall, but I don’t think you’re even at the 25lbs by 20 weeks. It may get more difficult to eat as you continue to get bigger and anything extra you can add now, while you can eat, will be beneficial to the babies.

    BUT, if you want to go back to obsessing over what you eat I promise not to call you an anorexic pregnant lady!

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