Iron, prunes, and crossing guards

Hello blog readers.  I’d like to inform you all that I am sitting here at work… in pain.  Be it round ligament, simple gas, or the fact that one of these babies has decided to try to remove a kidney or two, I’m not certain.  The result is pretty much the same, ouch.  Thank goodness humans don’t grow in the womb with scissors… but if they did I’m certain Jessie would’ve been born bald.

I highly suspect that it has been my recent attempts to increase my iron consumption that have caused this discomfort.  I was tested at my last appointment and appear to have earned myself an 11 or something like that which is below the 12-14 (I’m a bit fuzzy on the details so please don’t rag on me for being off here) by enough for the nurse to suggest I get more iron.  As it turns out, there is iron in my vitamins… but I’ve been reading labels and attempting to get more.  The result, which I noticed shortly after adding the iron, is that I am no longer sure which is worse… giving birth or trying to have a bowel movement.  Because I already had the fun experience of bursting a blood vessel in my eye once this year and it was disgusting and not at all something I ever want to see when I look in the mirror again, I started eating raisins whenever I had enough spare time to get a handful and eat them.  I also devised this totally genius bedtime snack of plain oatmeal (tons of iron) heated up with water and sweetened with the entire contents of an organic baby food jar of prunes.  Truth?  Not very good.  Still, it was food and it was covering the bases of what I needed AND none of my kids BEGGED me to make any for them.  Score on all accounts.

Except that I wouldn’t so much say that it WORKED to add the prunes as, I have mentioned, I’m not very comfortable right now.  Feel free to pass on advice for easy on the tummy iron as I think I’m going to change out my vitamins in an attempt to balance all this out.

Tonight I’m very excited as I’m going to spend the evening with J.  We’re going to watch Top Chef which I have a sort of addiction to.  This means that I’m not picking the kids up from daycare and it also means that I stuck around the house in the morning to get them ready and drop them off.  I could’ve let the hubby do the drop off and pick up as he is going to leave childcare 100% to me all weekend due to army drill, but I really would’ve missed my kids if I didn’t see them at all.

Asher is still suffering from his sore bottom affliction and while the diaper change and getting him dressed went well enough, the announcement as I was ushering them out the door of “Poopy Mommy.” was met with jealousy sympathy as I undressed him and gently washed him off in the bathtub where it doesn’t hurt him like the wet wipes do and got him redressed.  Thanks to my mom reminding me, we’ve been pushing the yogurt but we will see if even yogurt can combat the antibiotic assault on his system.  Just 4 more days, right?

As I was home, and since my often forgetful son had left his hat, gloves, and scarf AT SCHOOL yesterday because, he said, it wasn’t that cold when he came home, I drove him into school before heading into work.  He asked me to not drop him off at the crosswalk but to bring him all the way to school (Um, I know other parents do this, but I don’t see the point.  If I’m in the car I can bring him across the busy road.) because the crossing guard wouldn’t get there for another 10 minutes.  Just following his logic, I said to him, “You know, even if there is no crossing guard, as long as you push the ‘walk’ button and wait for the signal and follow all the rules of the road, you CAN still cross the road.”  He looked at me with incredulity and said “No I can’t Mom.  I HAVE to cross with the crossing guard.  She said that if we didn’t cross with her we could LOSE our walking privileges.”  I’m sorry, “Walking privileges”???  What, now it is a PRIVILEGE for the school to LET the kids walk to it???  They don’t control the freaking public roads.  If someone wants to cross the road and they are following all the laws, the school cannot prevent that.  They can’t lock the doors to the kids that walked because they didn’t have ‘walking privledges’.  I told him as much, but he didn’t believe me.  It’s probably just as well because I really don’t WANT him crossing in the busy mornings at the busy street AND because I’m totally impressed that he actually cares that she said he’d lose walking privileges because somehow the idea of losing BUS privileges never really sunk into his head.  Still – the very presumptive self importance of the idea that the public school can extend its arm of control to that level makes me want to stage a protest.  Well, it would, anyway, if I wasn’t too lazy to put in the effort to do anything.  That, also, is probably just as well.

Lastly, totally out of the blue, I’d like to blog about something that has been irritating me for well over a year.  I’m going to assume that you, reader, have at some point been to a public restroom.  The kind with the paper towel dispenser on the wall where if you pull out a towel, it rips at the perforated area and a new towel peeps out waiting for the next person.  Well, those are at both the gym AND at my work and they both have a curious attribute.  There is a handle sort of thing on the side and the handle has the words “Emergency feed” on it.  So, if the paper towels do NOT come out by pulling the one before it, you can turn that knob and it will take care of everything.  Here is what bugs me… the word “Emergency”.  Really?  NOT getting a paper towel is an EMERGENCY?  Every time I read it I think about someone trying to put out fires or stop bleeding or something and not being able to get a paper towel and having to use the emergency feed.  The one at the gym ACTUALLY says, “In the event of an emergency”.  Why can’t they just say “manual feed”?  I know, I need to get a more exciting life so that I can blog about non-dumb stuff.  Still… I feel I’ve said my piece.  Paper towel dispenser makers:  it’s not an emergency.  Get over it.


2 Responses

  1. I can help with one of the issues. Have you ever gone to get a paper towel and it not come out like it should? The paranoia that floats up inside your body is so intense that when you see ’emergency’ you suddenly know what to do! It does feel like an emergency when standing in front of the machine with wet hands and you have no idea how to get one out. I myself have been thankful a few times for the handy ’emergency’ label so that my mind can think clearly in such a moment of panic!

    I just had my iron checked so I don’t know what to suggest to you yet. A fellow surro has praised Mylanta though for it’s non binding helpfulness.

  2. I was anemic while pregnant, and before trying the iron supplements (because they were prescribed along with a stool softener), I added more red meat (chicken, burgers at Islands, etc), nuts and spinach to my diet. It brought my number up, and my midwife thought it was from the supplements… I wasn’t a big meat-eater before then so it made a difference.

    The paper towel thing is funny. It reminds me of a woman who used to work in my building at my last job. She would use the paper toilet seat covers to protect her bum, and then not wash her hands when she was done – gross…

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