Have I mentioned that I am always right?

My husband is redoing the tiles in our master bath.  (I call it a master bath because it is the bathroom closest to our bedroom and it has a door right into our room.  Really it is a ‘walk through’ as it also has a door to the hall, but I’m pretending, so go with it.)  Anyway, my husband IS quite the handyman and I trust him, in general, with doing all sorts of at home projects.  He has only two flaws. 

 1) Attention to detail.  While he knows how to do things the right way, he isn’t nearly as buggered by aesthetic details as I am.  That is to say, he can overlook things that aren’t perfect if it means completely taking apart and redoing whatever you’ve just done to get it right.  I, on the other hand, will hyperventilate into a pile of seething irritation for the rest of my life if, say, the blinds were cut 1/32 of an inch too short.  (Um, that is HIS flaw, not mine.  I’m the right one.) 

2) Project completion.  Our house is a work in progress.  Literally.  The kitchen floors haven’t been finished, the laundry room floor has duct tape over the section where the new flooring ends, half the windows haven’t yet been stained and our daughter’s room needs the edging painted with the final coat of white.  That’s not all, but that is a good example.   Apparently a job gets boring JUST before it gets DONE.

Since we cannot actually use the tub or shower in our master bath until he is finished, I’m thinking (hoping), that he actually has to finish this.  That, and I’m not shaving my legs until he does so.. ya know.. there is incentive. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share a conversation we had over the weekend:

K: Hey, Robyn, come up here and see what you think!

(K has just finished putting in the accent tiles at the top that I wanted – two rows about ~ 1 inch tall tiles.)

R: OK.  Hmmm, you see how the tiles on top of each other line up perfectly before the shower head and then after they are staggered?  Doesn’t it look dumb for those first few to not also be staggered?

K: I know, but it would be a lot of work to cut the tiles to get them staggered like that.

R: Ya.

K: And I’d have to take out the ones I did already.

R: Yep.

K: *giant frustrated sigh*  FINE, I’ll just take the WHOLE thing apart to make it look like YOU want it to look.

R: If you don’t want my input, don’t ask for it.

Seriously, that has been the whole project.  He can never again get mad at me for asking if he likes a particular outfit and getting angry at him if he answers the question wrong, that’s all I have to say.

Now for my bragging moment:  Gavin got an 18/20 on his last spelling test!!  YAY GAVIN!  For the first time, I found and downloaded this spelling test software from online where you can put in the words, record the spoken word, and then set him in front of the computer to practise.  He seems to enjoy this and, as we saw, 18/20.  Awesome.

Also bragging moment, Asher has joined the hippie ranks.  He owns a ‘bong’.  Now, it must be said that his ‘bong’ is a plastic drumstick that he was carrying around and announcing to all that cared to hear that it was his ‘bong’.  I suspect he was looking at a more literal translation in that it was the tool with which he would ‘bong’ things.  None the less, having your 2 year old come to you crying because his sister stole his bong is, well, priceless.

I have been working hard to eat more iron rich foods and that includes trying to get red meat into my diet.  My evening with P and J where J grilled steaks was wonderful even though they force fed me a HUGE piece of chocolate cake.  I just wish the babies had been more active but I’m sure soon they will get a chance to feel their boys kicking around!  I LOVE being over 20 weeks!  Let the ‘no NICU time’ countdown begin!!


5 Responses

  1. Not too sure how you can always be right if I’m always right. And, I think your “master bath” is called a jack-and-jill style bathroom…

  2. I think a Jack-and-Jill bathroom is shared between 2 bedrooms, not a master bedroom and a hallway. I’d just lock the hallway door and call it a master bath.

    And I just want to prove Pam wrong. 😉

  3. So, Pam, are you admitting you were wrong?

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