Potty training, day 1

Yep, still pregnant, still gaining weight like, well, me.  Actually, now that I’m on vacation and working on potty training Asher, I don’t get to go to the gym in the mornings and I really have to work up the resolve to get out at night once they are in bed.  Blech, I don’t like that but… ya gotta do what you must, I guess.

I’m actually wondering how long I’ll be able to keep up the gym work.  I know I’m just walking, but after reading enough stories about twins going early and contractions starting early AND knowing that my body tends to like to put me through pointless contractions for pretty much the whole pregnancy… I doubt I’ll be going to the gym up to the last day.  I just hope that I’ll know when that time comes and not overdo it.

Yesterday was our first potty training day for Ash.  It went pretty much how I thought it would go based on my knowledge of Asher.  There were a few surprises.  He did not get the ‘pee in the toilet’ bit down which I knew he would not.  Many accidents.  He refused to be naked which I did not expect – thankfully I have a lot of tiny boxer briefs from when Gavin was this age which Asher is very excited to wear.  Is it wrong of me to put him is hand-me-down underwear?  He’ll have to deal with it, I guess.  They are, really, so cute I could just vomit and I love watching him walk with his tiny little butt in those things.  He also wanted pants on all the time so I have a load of underwear and sweatpants to do today.

Anyway, after a number of accidents, I was sitting with him  while he wandered around the room occasionally sitting on the potty chair.  I was hoping to catch 1 ‘pee’ in the toilet for the first day plus I wanted to shower so I wanted him to do something before I did that.  He did get 1, but I think it was largely on accident but, oh well.  So I head to the shower and when I come out, he is in his room (I’ve got the little potty chair in there) and he is wiping the potty chair seat with a wet wipe in one hand and holding a granola bar in the other hand.  He, all by himself, had pulled down his pants and undies, pooped in the potty chair, attempted to wipe himself off, pulled up his pants, and was trying to clean things up.  Oh the emotions people!  Wow, yuck, and throw that granola bar away RIGHT NOW all went through my mind at once.  We did get everything cleaned up and life went on.  Later that day he again said he had to go and sat down and pooped in the potty.  Yes, my boy has that side of potty training down as of day one.  (Not that I don’t know it could all backslide.)  Peeing though, will be tougher.  He goes in such tiny amounts when he has accidents, and he has so MANY in such a short time frame, that I know he isn’t holding his bladder at all.  He also doesn’t make any indication of knowing that he can pee on the potty instead of just pooping there.  We will see if he starts to pick that up while we work on this.  If not, we may can the whole concept until a later date when it won’t be so traumatic on, well, me.  I don’t think he cares. 

Last night was another ‘Top Chef’ night over at P and J’s house.  We ordered pizza and chatted and watched the chefs cook food for a bridal shower including a cooked sushi ‘surf n turf’ that just plain sounded ill conceived.  I was hoping the babies might be really active and we might be able to catch them moving around but it wasn’t to be.  I’m kinda starting to notice that they move more when I’m hungry which seems odd but oh well.  I do have to write something that P joked that I was going to write in my blog so, of course, I have to.  He was talking about how he is used to sleeping through the night now after a long time of not and I said that wasn’t going to last.  I offered to call him at night whenever I got up to pee to just say “Hey, if you were pregnant now, you’d be up.” but he turned me down.  Wuss.  I’ve always thought the people that said the need for a pregnant woman to get up several times per night to pee was to prepare her for early motherhood were nuts.  Prep for early motherhood should include a lot of regular sleep.  Another thing they were talking about was a couple that they knew that were working on surrogacy as well but had not yet achieved pregnancy.  I’d LOVE to get together with them just to meet another carrier in person, but we thought perhaps being pregnant in front of them after they have been through so many attempts with no success might not be so kind.  Now I’m hoping they get pregnant soon.  Well, I would be anyway, of course, but thinking selfishly of myself, I would like to meet this person.


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