If I don’t leave the house all day, do I still have to shower?

Potty training day two went MUCH better.

The first thing Asher did when he got up in the morning and we took his “night time diaper” off was to sit on his potty and say he made “wet”.  He got it!  From that point on he knew all about peeing in the toilet as well.  He went just before we packed him up in his car seat to drive Gavin to school and all in all only had one accident during the morning.  The evening had more accidents but everyone was home and trying to get dinner ready and Gavin’s homework and spelling practise done before cub scouts so, it was a little crazy.  I’d like to brag that we don’t even have anything as incentive for Asher to be doing this.  No candy rewards, no stickers, nothing.  The potty chair has a little red dot that turns into a star when you pee on it which he likes, but other than that, it is just ‘YAY Asher!’ and that’s it.  Jessie and Gavin both had sticker books where they got to put stickers on the pages whenever they did well but Ash is just so proud of himself it wasn’t needed.  That, or I was just too lazy to attempt the stickers and it turns out he doesn’t so much care.

So far on day 3 he has not had any accidents and he is going longer times between peeing – which also means he is peeing more when he actually does go.  Just now I had his ‘nap time diaper’ on him and we were reading and he asked to take it off so he could go in the potty.  I’m so proud of this boy!  I’d like to see a busy evening at home without much for accidents before I dare venture out of the house (besides picking up and dropping Gavin off at school where he has done EXCELLENT with no accidents so far.)

My vacation from work has gone pretty much like I expected it as well.  I’ve been called several times and done several things for only being out 2.5 days from work.  I don’t mind really.  I told them to not worry about calling me.  I’d rather be allowed to take the vacation time and be called while I’m out than be told that they need me too much for me to be able to use vacation at all.  Also, it feels good to know that I’m terribly useful there.  I’ve even spoken to HR about working part time from home when I’m on leave.  This was in case I ended up on bedrest before giving birth as I’m not planning on being out long after giving birth.  Turns out, I can, as long as I have that first 5 full days of totally being out. 

I was a little worried about all the ‘eating at home’ I’d be tempted with while being on vacation.  I think being at home with the kids takes care of that.  I can’t eat in front of them without them wanting some of what I have unless they decide it is icky.  That means I can’t eat junk in front of them unless I’m willing to share.  As much as I believe in the inherent value of sharing, I believe in it LESS when it means ME sharing my treasured treats with my beloved children.  Mostly because I know that they don’t really understand the worth of something like a pomegranate dark chocolate ice cream bar.  Why share a Sargento with someone who values Mac ‘n Cheese over spinach and truffle shaving pizza?  Not that I have any of those things in the house right now, but you get the idea.   The result is that I’ve really been eating pretty healthy.  See, I knew selfishness would pay off some day.  No one ever tries to steal my organic greens salad with cherry tomatoes.

I have to share something from earlier this morning.  Asher and I were downstairs doing a puzzle.  I was sitting on the pull-out bed in the TV room that happens to be pulled out now as everyone has been laying on it watching all the cool movies K has rented recently.  Ash was standing next to the bed doing said puzzle.  He’s gotten into a habit of wanting me to kiss whatever has been injured to the extent that he will purposefully (and slowly) shut a drawer on his hand just so he can bring it over to me and ask for a kiss.  I never turn him down.  Well, he was reaching to grab a puzzle piece that had gotten a bit far up on the bed and I guess the metal parts of the fold out bed were positioned just such that he jumped back with his hand over his now not-diapered family jewels and said “Owie Mommy!  Mommy kiss it.”  I admit, for the first time, I turned him down.  I did blow him a kiss and thankfully he accepted this.  Very thankfully.


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  1. Yeah, potty training can be intense. We’re off the wagon. Good luck!

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