The weekend edition

Just an update on the potty training over the weekend.  I’d say we’re doing pretty darn well, really.  It is harder with the house so busy, but Asher is certainly going for longer periods of time without peeing at all.  This really has the effect of driving me insane because I’m worried about the accidents but he’s doing fine.  We also have to get to the point where he is initiating the bathroom stops instead of me saying it is time to go.  That is something we both have to work on as I have a hard time leaving him alone.   Today we went out for haircuts for the 3 kids and Asher made the trip with big boy undies.  I was nervous about this because he wouldn’t go for me at all just before we left the house but he was dry the whole time and went when we got home. 

This brings me to the major drawback of potty training at holiday time.  There are so many things to do!  We have to go out and get the Santa picture (gosh I’d die if he peed on Santa’s knee – although – if he SITS on Santa’s knee it probably means hell has frozen over so that may not be an issue.)  I still need to finish off the last of my shopping and eventually, we’ll be on the uber string of family visits that equates to about a road trip to California by the time we’re done going to all the houses.  A busy life for a little potty training dude and I don’t believe in pull-ups or training pants.

Speaking of the haircuts, it kills me to cut Ash’s beautiful little hair in the back.  We (well, the woman cutting his hair) managed to do a great job of trimming it up to look groomed without taking away the little boy look.  Jessie had her hair trimmed up as it was getting so long it was a true pain to brush.  We took off about 3 or 4 inches from the back and trimmed up her bangs.  Gavin came to the hair cut amidst much complaint which makes me laugh because this boy doesn’t know the meaning of having a mom tell you what to do with your hair.  The woman asked what he wanted and I said that if he had a specific idea, whatever he wants is fines, but if he says to NOT cut anything, then I’d like her to clean it up around his ears and his neck.  He apparently had no opinion so she went with that.  Gosh I hope Asher never reaches 9.

Once I finish here, I have to go find out what the amazing duo of Jessie and Ash are doing with the water I can hear them running in the bathroom and THEN, (probably after much clean up), we’re going to work on putting ornaments on the tree we got on Friday.  That is assuming I can convince my husband to go into the crawl space for the totes because I am not going to be crawling around in there.

OK, I really have to see what that water sound is…


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