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What I’ve been doing in my spare time

I keep trying to remember how uncomfortable I was or was not with my singletons at 21 weeks.  I do not really remember.  So far I’m not uncomfortable with these two really.  I mean, I get really tired out quickly but I don’t have a few of the things I recall getting at some time or another with my other pregnancies.  Namely, I can still sleep fairly comfortably on my side.  This baby belly is really starting to stick out there though, and I can feel the little guys moving around a lot!

Ash’s potty training is going really really well.  As of either yesterday or the day before he told me he had to go before getting his pants even a little tiny bit wet for the first time.  I’m working now on NOT asking him if he has to go so that he can get the hang of saying he does.  Today he has not had any accidents at all and he has said he had to go twice.  Of course, I DO have him try to go right when he gets up, before he goes to sleep and just before we leave the house.  Since we are driving Gavin to and from school and he has nap time, that makes for a number of enforced potty attempt times. 

I’m thinking the Santa trip will be tonight or tomorrow.  I’m SO bummed!  Our regular Santa that we love to use and my kids have been pictured with EVERY SINGLE year since Gavin was born isn’t working this year!  In fact, that mall doesn’t have a Santa at all.  He was, hands down, the best Santa I’ve ever seen and I can only hope that Northtown mall is anywhere near as good.   I do recall that the year Jessie potty trained in the holiday break time frame we got in the Santa visit before potty training started so the whole mall trip could be done with diapers.  Probably an intelligent thing to do again this year but that seems to have required more forethought than I was able to carry off.  That, and I was pretty excited about the idea of no more diapered children at all.  This year it will be the biggest test on Ash yet.  I’m worried about him wetting in his special Santa outfit so I’m thinking he’ll wear different pants there.  Then we can scope out to see if there is a line or not and have him go in the bathroom, change his pants, and hope everything works out.  I’ve been working with Jessie and Asher to get them to not be afraid of him but I don’t really think there will be anything to be done about Asher.  I’m just hoping we can somehow get a reasonable picture and that I won’t have to be in it.  Asher has decided he wants to ask Santa for a motorcycle.  Hehe.  Thankfully, he just wants the little ‘hot wheels’ car type motorcycle since the one he has been playing with has recently lost it’s whole front section. 

The big kid, K, now THERE’S trouble on deciding what to get him.  Every year, even I am depressed by what I get him so I can only imagine his excitement.  At least I’ve set the bar low for myself.  I know he’d love a clean house but… ya… so would I.  It’s not easy to do that in this state and the kids are not exactly helpful.  We can’t even really hire someone to help because hired help just does the easy stuff – the vacuuming, the sweeping, the mopping, etc.  I need someone that can come in here and organize all the kid’s DVDs and videos and games into their correct cases and sort out all the toys and put them together where they belong and put some organization to the house.  That is the stuff that I just cannot for the life of me do.  Well, I’ll have to think of something.  If you have any good husband gift ideas please feel free to send them along.  Just a note, he has ZERO interest in sports.

BTW – I was trying to clean off the glass on the french doors we have into our 3 season porch.  The inside went well enough but the rag just kept freezing to the glass on the outside.  Darn this cold weather.  I ended up getting my hair dryer out and running it along the glass with the rag as I wiped it down.  Not perfect, really, but better.  It was too cold to sit with the door open any longer.


4 Responses

  1. For me, when I was pregnant with my surrogate twins, I hit the uncomfortable point at 32 weeks, and by week 34, it was “shoot me now”. I kept rationalizing that they were fine; let’s come out now, lol.

    Hopefully you will have quite a few more weeks before you get to that stage!

    Best wishes!

  2. You know, they actually do have people that can come in and organize for you. It’s probably a little expensive, but they do exist!
    My DH actually told me what he wants, but he won’t be getting it because I don’t think he’s prioritized his wants correctly.

    When all else fails I find a little ‘alone time’ is usually a big enough gift. 🙂

  3. We had to do a new Santa this year. I was unhappy, too. But he was good.

  4. I like the Northtown Santa. Heck I like any santa that has a real beard! My kids have been going to this santa since Audrey was little. We used to go to the Burnsville mall, because they had a good Santa, but I didn’t like the background and it was too far away. I am satisfied with the one at Northtown. Plus he was very understanding when we made him wash his hands before holding Ava when she was going through chemo treatments.

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