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overdue – the blog, that is, not me.

OK, so, it’s been awhile.

23 weeks and 3 days… point of viability… sort of.  Not that it is any risk, as I’m not going into labor any time soon, (sitting pretty steady with ~1-2 contractions in a day – normal), but I’ve been hunting down birth stories for babies born at this stage just to see what is out there.  Obviously, they are all pretty tiny.  I’ve come to the rounded survival percentage of about 5-10% but that is mostly because these two are monster babies and are more the size of a 24-25 weeker baby.

Speaking of that, yes, they are huge.  Measuring at about 23.5 weeks at the last appointment which was last week (I hope I remember that correctly) they are certainly staying ahead of the curve.  I think they were about 1 pound 2 or 3 ounces each.  9 pound twins, anyone?  It seems I’ve given up all hope of trying to control the weight gain as it makes no difference at all.  I’ve already gained (according to the last clinic weight check) 30 pounds so… ya… whatever.  I’m blaming it completely on this low iron issue and trying to eat more red meat and not at all on the fact that the holiday feasting is probably a little extreme.  I’ve resigned myself to the knowledge that I’m going to have to really work after these two are born to lose the extra as ‘extra’ there most certainly is.

Most disturbing to me is the swelling that I’m feeling at this point.  My skin is feeling tight and I don’t just mean the belly.  Mostly my legs although my watch and rings are just starting to not spin as easily as they did before as well.  THAT is weight that is not only uncomfortable, but not terribly healthy.  It also means that I’ve had too many carbs which I can agree to.  My goal now is to watch the sugar and breads and to drink more water.  Hopefully I can control that swelling so that my shoes will still fit for a lot longer.

On the plus side, my blood pressure was back to its former glory of 106/60-something so I’m happy about that.  Seeing the 120 at the previous appointment was very disturbing. 

P and J have still not gotten to feel the little guys move around.  It is certainly possible now – they just have to be in the right place at the right time.  Our next appointment is near the end of Jan but hopefully we’ll see each other before then.

On the family front, we’ve enjoyed our time off over the holidays.  Asher is doing spectacular in the potty training front and I expect that to just continue.  Jessie had a little holiday program in her preschool where she sang Frosty the Snowman with her class and sat with the rest of them quietly while they sang something in spanish and then did a sign language story.  With her only being there 1 day per week, I can understand how she’d not feel brave enough to do the things she didn’t learn well but I was happy to see her singing Frosty with the class.  She was the only one that refused to wear the dorky big paper top hat all the class made but I don’t really blame her on that one.

Solstice eve our big family dinner turned out to just be a normal family dinner as no one was able to make it out to our place.  The weather was mostly to blame although I’ll admit to a small amount of petty “Your holiday isn’t real enough for us to take it seriously.” being heard on my end even though no one actually said it outloud.  I tried to suck it up and be mature for the kids as we carried through with our own traditions all on our own.  Sunday morning brought Gavin into my room at about 3AM notifying me that Santa had, in fact, been there and that it was the most exciting thing in the whole world.  I told him to go away and went back to sleep.  What he really did was go wake up Jessica who joined in his early morning glee and by 7AM I could hold them off no longer.  I got Asher up and we all went to see what magic Santa had left for us.

The kids really enjoyed everything which is great.  I always get a little depressed when I see how small the collection of gifts under the tree is since we try to really limit how much the kids get for this stuff.  I think it is good for them but I can’t seem to stop comparing the stash they get to what I would wake up to in the morning.  I have to admit though, no matter how deep the gift pile was each year, even as a kid everything ended with a bit of depression as everything was opened so I think I’m doing OK by keeping the focus off of a LOT of gifts.  I felt a little guilty when I was at the in-laws and someone there was talking about her ex-husband who ONLY got the kids 3 gifts each and how upset she was about how sad the kids would be (our kids each got 3 exactly).  My logic side took over though and said that it was her ex so, probably, she’d be critical no matter what he did. 

I was most excited when Jessie asked to hear the Solstice story again and Gavin was more excited about burning the Yule log. 

My big sister and her family was able to make it out for the holidays which was really awesome!  We have tried to get the kids together as much as possible but I think I’m paying for it now.  One of the things we did was to bring the whole crew out to the Children’s Museum.  Now, I love the Children’s Museum and thought this was a great idea but now that I’m coming down with some cold and Jessie was in my bed last night saying she thought she was going to throw up (she did not), I’m reminded of the side effects of going to that particular germ factory.  Hopefully my sister and her family aren’t stuck flying home with stuffy noses.

That’s it for now.  There was more that happened but I’m already in the danger zone of being so boring people won’t finish reading.


3 Responses

  1. I am so not ready to deal with Christmases, or gift giving in general, where Jeanne is not thankful for her gifts. With several 5-10 year-old nephews and one neice, I saw a lot of that this year. Of course it was mostly on Mark’s side where the adults seem to be unappreciative of gifts as well. I don’t want to ever get to the end of gift opening and have Jeanne be depressed if she does not get the one present she REALLY wanted. That almost happened with one of my nephews. Thank GOD santa brought him a Wii afterall. It was just the last thing to be opened. Seriously, does a 5-year-old need a $300 Christmas present?

  2. Well, I think the kids really show appriciation for what they get. But for my childhood, I didn’t, for the record, mean that I’d get depressed because I didn’t get ‘the item’ that I wanted. It was more of an overall ‘this isn’t really the magic that it is hyped up to be’ kind of a thing, I think.

    Gavin’s big three items this year were the ripstick, the Zelda game, and ice skates. I was worried that he would be very unhappy because I didn’t get him the ice skates. (Farma did, which she was going to do before we even knew they were a top 3 item, but we didn’t go to Farma’s house until almost a week after Solstice.) I was very impressed that he was happy and enjoying the holidays and really more concerned about us not doing the fire (it was too windy) than he was about the skates.

  3. I only remember asking for one thing I ever really wanted (stereo) and I did get it.

    My little girl is too little to be unappreciative. I will be ticked when that day comes!

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