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I will be the best friend forever of the first person to tell me that this is as uncomfortable as I will get!  24 weeks… that’s the peek, right?  Ya, yikes. 

Really, this isn’t bad.  I have to admit that.  I’m scared for the future though because I’m currently experiencing about 80% of all the aches and pains that I have had with my full term pregnancies and even if some nice person does lie to me, I’m quite certain that I’m gonna get bigger.

My biggest complaint right now is that I seem to be, um, glistening, a bit more than I used to.  OK, I’m sweating.  Gross.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but (we’re all friends here, right?) the band of my bra is constantly damp and seriously, my skin all over is already itchy enough to make me think I’ve got a flea infestation going on at my house.  Is it really required to add my own special version of ‘under the bra’ rash to every pregnancy???

Petty whining aside, these boys are growing like crazy and doing great.  I’m noticing that it is usually only one kicking at a time which brings out the evil laughter in me.  So much for timing naps together, bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!  I’m also not as skilled as I thought I would be in knowing how the two are positioned.  At the last US, A was head down and vertical while B was hanging out sideways right in the middle.  I’m pretty sure they are not still like that, but that is what I always imagine them to be doing.  If they are anything like their fetal personalities, A will be the easy going well behaved child and B is going to turn his fathers grey prematurely.  Just keep B’s crib away from the window, OK guys?

On the home front, I’m sad to see all the ‘at home’ time come to an end.  Jessie has followed me and Asher in our colds only she managed to run a bit of a fever with hers.  Asher continues to prove that he is a “big boy” as he is so fond of saying.  I’ve retired all of his clothes that don’t work with a toilet proficient 2 year old and I’m sad to see some of those one piece outfits go.  He is now older than Gavin was when we moved him into a bed and I know technically we should move Asher out of the crib.  I think there is a rule about the baby of the family being allowed to use it until he is 6 though, right? 

Gavin, however, is pulling Asher into ‘old enough to be a playmate’ land at the speed of light as he has decided a younger brother is better than a slightly older sister.  I’m offended for all women that love to play video games for Jessie’s sake, of course, but I also have to admit that my little girl is not really into whacking each other on the head with foam swords.  I totally see her point.  She DOES, interestingly, become ‘into’ that game whenever Gavin’s friends come over to play as she is the biggest 4 year old flirt I have ever seen.  No, I take that back, My little sister Beckey was the biggest, Jessie is a decent 2nd though.

I have to report with sadness that our gecko Flower has passed on.  As the weather turned colder, I started to notice her getting quite thin.  By the time we figured it out, it was pretty much too late to do anything about it.  My pet expert mother has said that she thinks it was too cold in her tank and that perhaps we had some crickets in there that were too big for her to eat and they were picking on her.  Either way, she was clearly too stressed out. 

We’d like to revisit the pet gecko but I need to learn more about it and I want to see that we can get the tank warm enough before putting another pet into our care.  I now own no less than 5 different kinds of warmers and I plan on getting a power strip and trying out different combinations of all of them to see how warm that can get the tank.  I’d like to take a moment to compliment the pet shops on their sales technique.  I’m all for the sales assistant answering every question I have about heating units with “I have no idea, but if it doesn’t work, you can always return it.”  Not very helpful but it does ensure maximum spending from us clueless yet hopeful future pet owners as we end up buying one of everything just to get something to work.

Once I know we can get the tank warm enough, my hope is to get TWO geckos next time.  My theory is that they will be good company for each other and stress out less.  My hope is that we don’t just end up killing two geckos in the time span it would’ve taken for just one. 

Hey, I may be a bad pet owner, but between our 12 year old sicko cat and the immortal guppy that is approximately as old as my 4 year old daughter, we can manage to keep some of them alive.  Speaking of the guppy, after buying all the lizard tank heaters from the store I now need to go buy another fish tank heater as the one we have has started glitching and not turning off when the water hits the set temp from time to time.  I had the tank up to about 87 degrees once before I caught it and got the heater to turn off.  I never really thought the fish would outlive the heater.

I will leave you all at that.  OH, and the news that P and J have graciously offered to go tubing with us again this January.  I may have guilted them into it by saying off hand that I didn’t know HOW Kris was going to manage with the three kids himself since I couldn’t go up and down the hills. 🙂  Hopefully they are quite willing anyway.


2 Responses

  1. I will not tell you what you already know, if you forget you can always reread my blog entries.
    I’ve never really known where the babies are and what I’m feeling when they move. You’d think it’d be easier to tell with two of them and limited space, but nope, just as hard.

  2. Actually, at 4 years old, Beckey was more shy than Jessie. She has made up for it since then. You are right that she is deffinitely a bigger flirt now. Mom

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