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“And Robyn is fatter than I’ve ever seen her before.”

Hehe, I love my coworkers.  This was said in a meeting run by someone (whom I really do like and she is sooo nice) who hasn’t seen me since before the break and she was just amazed at how fast the babies are growing.  She had been saying someone else’s hair was shorter than she had ever seen it before and then…  Actually, I took it as a compliment because no one would EVER say that (at least, without trying to be mean) to someone they thought was even close to fat.  That means that she thought I was so far from being fat that it was OK to joke about.  I figure, that’s a good thing.  Plus, I am huge.  I think I’m going to be one of those pregnant with twins people that seriously look freakishly huge before giving birth.  I’m already pulling down my shirts to cover the belly all day long.  The other day I was making small talk with a stranger and she asked how far along I was.  Not feeling like getting into the novel of ‘where the belly comes from’, I just said I was 24 weeks along.  She declared me to be in the ‘cute’ stage of pregnancy.  I blinked a few times and changed the subject.

Last night was another long night people.  I’ve got myself propped up on so many pillows that I don’t even consider myself to be ‘laying down’ in bed anymore but I STILL get all stuffed up.  I just don’t get it.  When I get really stuffy, then I start coughing and when I cough enough, it kicks off BH contractions and boy is it a party all night long.

Last night was the first episode of the newest ‘Biggest Loser’ show.  Boy, they have been pushing the envelope to accept bigger and bigger people.  Now, I’m not totally gaga over all the hype about how big the people are because, hey, I watch TLC.  I KNOW there are 600-800 pound people in the world.  When they say “The biggest person ever on The Biggest Loser.” what they MEAN is the producers are looking for ways to keep people interested so they are taking riskier contestants than they did before.  I’m all FOR this as I really think that these people do need help and I’m totally into NBC taking on more risk of them having serious health issues while filming the show if that’s what it takes to help the bigger people trying out for the show.  I just don’t like the hype that makes it sound like they found some huge people under a rock somewhere when I’m certain they’ve been auditioning all along.

Anyway, just before the show started, Bob and Jillian (the trainers, in case YOU have been living under a rock for the last 7 seasons), addressed the TV viewing population with a strict command to NOT eat ice cream while watching the show.  In fact, I think Jillian said something about hunting us down to find us if she smelled bon bons from the set.  This is funny to me because of my own shape while watching the show.  The first season I watched it, I was obese and literally watching the show while eating ice cream.  I was still nursing Asher and not ready to make any changes.  The next season that I watched it, I was in the process of losing the weight and actually right along with if not bettering many of the contestants.   Last season while watching I was, well, pregnant with twins and on my way to what I am NOW for this season.  I’m generally not eating ice cream in front of the show, but I will admit that it is a sort of torture to watch them work out like that and not be able to know that I’m hitting the workouts like that.

That brings me to the fact that I’m not really going into the gym much this new year.  My heart beats like crazy and I get so winded after pretty much everything so I question the safety of it, that is true.  It would not be entirely honest, however, to not say that I just am not doing it because I don’t feel like doing it.  It is too hard.  That makes me feel like a big giant wuss and I’m very disappointed in myself for not holding out my dream of being congratulated by astonished fellow gym patrons as they see the huge baby belly and me still working out.  Reality, however, says that I’m way big and it really IS hard and I’d like these babies to stay cooking nice and long and to get really big.  I will have PLENTY of time to get back after they are born.  I’ve done it, I know I can, it’ll be fine.  I still get jealous when I see people working out like I want to though.


2 Responses

  1. You have no idea how joyful I feel to hear you recognize that you’re body just can’t continue excercising as if you were only pregnant with one.

    Don’t know if you’re gym has a heated pool, but I guarantee you would really enjoy the water and water workouts (a kind of middle workout ground) would still keep you active, but be easier to get through and not as stressful for the babes either.

    And is there a reason for no belly pictures?

  2. I’ve never seen that show. That’s hilarious that they don’t want you snacking while watching.

    Are there really that many people who weigh so much? Wow.

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