I heart Vicks Vapor Rub

Hello blog readers.  It is now 3:30 AM and I’ve been coughing my way through the whole night.  I’ve even been aware of coughing while I was asleep most of the night.  Yuck.  I really hope this cold goes away soon, I hate the lingering coughing stage.  I have found something though, that is providing an amazing amount of relief!

I don’t like taking meds while pregnant.  Even the ones that are “OK” to take bug me.  Mostly because they aren’t ever actually listed as “OK”, they are listed as “We really really think they probably don’t cause any harm.”  This doesn’t inspire unquestioning loyalty in me.  I get that no one wants to do massive research on pregnant women so there’s no alternative, but still, I’d rather just suffer than take something.

Tonight, however, after hours of coughing away, I was up in the bathroom for the second time (take note, P and J, second time, and it is 3:30) peeing and Asher started calling from his room: “Momma?”  “Momma?”  I went in there and he told me to stop coughing because he was trying to sleep.  I know.  I love you too, baby.  So the hunt was on to find something that would stop the hacking.  I should also mention that besides my baby’s plea for peace and quiet, I was also a little on edge from all the BH contractions this coughing inspires not to mention that my abdomen muscles are just plain sore from it all.

The only thing we have in the house is for kids.  It is a baby version of the Vicks Vapor Rub that claims on the container to quiet coughs.  We hardly ever use this stuff as, to be honest, I never really thought it worked as well as actually giving cough meds.  I checked in on-line for safety during pregnancy and actually, on a site about cough relief while pregnant, it suggests this as the first round use without even the fun ‘class c’ warning about ‘we will not guarantee this product will not harm your pregnancy but we’re pretty much sure about it and no one has sued anyone yet.’  SO – without further ado – and without much confidence that it will do any good – I cover my throat and chest in the stuff.

Wow.  It was nearly immediate.  The congestion, the coughing, the everything was gone.  I even felt like I was getting more breath in each breath.  Granted, my neck and chest felt a bit like someone covered them in ice which is now making me literally cold, but I can take that over the coughing stuffy crap easily.  This reminded me that someone at work told me to slather the stuff on the bottom of my feet to ‘cure’ a cold faster.  I still find that to be crazy talk but at this point I’d be willing to bath in the stuff based on how good I feel.  I gave it a try – I still don’t notice anything but I’ll let you know if there is any unexplained curing of colds going on.

This stuff though, is staying here by my bed.  Getting rid of that cough is great but I’m not even stuffy!!  That is HUGE.  I’ve been stuffy nearly my whole pregnancy and to get relief from that may mean that I’ll actually start getting some sleep.  Now if only the stuff would also keep me from having to pee every 5 minutes, I’d be set!  Now to see how long this lasts and if I can actually fall asleep with the glacier that used to be my neck and chest hanging out under the covers with the rest of me.

And Cyn – ya – um – belly shots.  I will have to provide some of those soon.  I will work on that, I promise.  Especially since tonight when I met with the guys J told me that I do not look nearly as larger than life as my blog postings would seem to suggest.  I think they were just being nice but just in case I’ve been unintentionally exaggerating I will work at getting up some photographic proof as to my actual size.

Speaking of tonight, at our Top Chef get together, they finally got to feel the boys moving around.  I was a little disappointed as they didn’t get to witness the massive belly contorting aerobic sessions these boys are capable of.  They seemed fascinated all the same with even the little jabs.  Of course, as soon as I got home and settled in bed they started up the circus acts again and I could watch my entire belly moving around like possessed jello.  These boys are a tad stage shy, they are.

OK, I’ve been up for 30 minutes of potential sleep time so I’m going to sign off and hope to get some more quality dream time in before the alarm goes off.   (And before I start coughing like crazy again.)  Night all!


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