Twin belly shots

Finally, I know… I give you belly shots.  6 weeks to 25 weeks.  Slight change.  About 30 pounds, to be precise.  Sorry it took so long, I’m still not happy with my photo editing abilities with this new computer and I haven’t spontaneously become un-lazy enough to do anything about it.   BTW – in case you were interested – this is also post Yuko for my hair by 6.5 months.

6 weeks  25 Weeks


8 Responses

  1. Holy Cow!! You look great though! You’ve definitely got some baby belly! Do you have a fundal measurement to go with it? How tall are you? I assume you carried pretty big with your own kids?

    I’ve never been one to carry ‘out’, mine are always very long and take up all space from top to bottom.

    Of course you can’t do the same excercises at the gym!

    You really do look fantastic though! You’re arms still look fantastic and I like the little bit of fullness to your face!

  2. Wow you are fast! I was measuring 6 weeks ahead fundal height at my last appointment so I’m estimating 31 weeks at this point. Hard to say since it was 22 weeks date, 28 weeks fundal height.

    I’m 5’8″ and with my own it was WAY different. If you look at the ‘healthy me’ page, I weighed over 200 pounds before I was even pregnant with them and I didn’t even ‘show’ until I was a lot further along.

    Thanks Cyn. You’re a sweetheart. 🙂

  3. You look great!

  4. Wow, Robyn, you look so awesome! Makes me want to have another one…

  5. You look really good! Much better than I looked while pregnant. I took pictures while I was pregnant and haven’t wanted to show them to anyone. Ugh! BTW, I also had my hair straightened a couple of years ago and loved it!

  6. Nice babies bump! You look great Robyn.

  7. Very Cute Robyn! The bump is getting so big! Hard to believe you’re almost to the point I had Brianna. It’s nice that you’re in the safer zone now. Your hair is so straight too. I’m glad that treatment is working for you (and that you didn’t have to worry about doing it while pregnant).

  8. Huh…… well if I squint and turn my head to the side I can kind of see your double baby bump……

    Looking great!

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