4 pounds of baby

Before I get into my blog, I’d like to share the last 20 minutes of my life with you:

I’m at work (sorry, work, for blogging from here.  You should know though, that you are lucky I’m blogging this and not, you know, running crazy through the halls.) I am helping an engineer set up this new area in the software that we use so that he can get some new labels printed out.  Our labels print from this OTHER software that monitors a folder for a text file and uses the text file to create a label.  That text file gets PUT in the folder from the original program that this engineer is using.  The engineer just has to set up the program so that it sends the file to the correct place.  I’d like to note that this engineer is our EXPERT on this software and has been working with it for 6+ years.  I gave him the name of the folder that has been set up and just asked him to rig up his side of things to send out a text file so I can know what I’m working with.

I get an e-mail from him that he has sent through the label and I should see the text file.  There is nothing there.  I recheck that he has the folder name exactly the same and he resends.  Nothing.  He restarts his computer thinking it needs to reset before it will work and still nothing.  By now, I’m tired of e-mails and totally frustrated why this is not working.  How can we have such a disconnect of the text file NOT going where it should be going???

I decide to head over to his desk to see what is happening.  He uses the program to print the label and gets a HUGE error message stating:  “The following fields are REQUIRED and no label will be printed until they are filled out:”  (A list of fields of course, followed.)  He clicks through it and asks me to check the folder again.  Me, the IT person, is no longer capable of talking because my head has just turned inside out.  I recovered (minor surgery) and suggested that the error message that was just there said that it would not, in fact, send out a file until those fields were filled out.  He said that they didn’t need to be because this product didn’t use those fields.  I replied that our software wasn’t nearly so knowledgeable or flexible and if it is set with required fields, they will still be required even if they are bogus for the product in question.  I suggested filling out the fields in question with “NA” or “none” and trying again to see if the error message went away.  I also mentioned , as per the message, that NOTHING will be sent as long as the error is still there.

He is going to work on it some more and get back to me.  For those of you that missed it, I just wasted 20 minutes troubleshooting why a file wasn’t being sent to a certain folder location when the engineer was getting a very descriptive error message stating not only that no text file would be sent but WHY, and clicking through it each time.  Without telling me. 

OK, back to your normal blog.

YAY, 26 weeks!!!  Step 1 beyond simple viability, the babies now have a much better shot at life beyond birth.  Not that they are going anywhere but I’ll still celebrate if it’s all the same to you.  I should be holding about 4 pounds worth of baby by now, although I’m pretty sure it is more than that.

I’m still doing pretty good overall.  I noticed two contractions last night while I was reading before falling asleep.  Those, while still not often, are becoming more noticeable and frequent which just goes to show how little time there is left.  Hey, it could be only 11 more weeks from now!  People say “That seems so close!” and then look at me funny and say they don’t think I would agree.  No, really, I do agree.  Ask me again in about 5 more weeks though.  Oh, also last night, I woke up around 2 with the WORST cramp in my leg ever.  It was not my calf muscle, it was this weird side muscle that was really hard to single out and stretch.  I eventually had to get out of bed and just walk on my leg to get it to calm down.

The boys have been decidedly naughty for the last two visits with their Daddies.  They just won’t move and perform the way they should.  I think they are just calmed by us talking so much but still – I’d like them to show off a bit more.  Hopefully they behave better once they are born.

That’s all I can think of right now.  Have a good weekend, blog-land.


2 Responses

  1. My husband is in IT and comes home with stories like that all the time!

  2. I’m sorry, but the geek in me has to know if the labels ever got printed out correctly…

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