peeing standing up

So, this weekend the kids and I all went out to the park across the street to the ice rink.  Gavin has new skates and he can’t get them on and off on his own so that means we all get to drag our butts, um, I mean, skip off to a family outing to the park.

Watching a hugely pregnant lady help two little ones into their full winter gear so that we can actually get outside in the snow is funny.  Watching a hugely pregnant lady try to fit into winter gear herself is also quite amusing, assuming, of course, that you are not the lady in question.  We finally get everyone ready and Asher is in the little pull-sled thing so I can get him out to the rink without carrying him.  (Jessie did very well walking in the deep snow without complaint – I’m very proud of her.)  Yes, it is across the street but it is on the opposite side of the block across the street so it was a trek getting everyone out there.  I was beat and very happy to sit on the bench by the rink once we got there.

Gavin is being completely adorable (not the most common thing, for a 9 year old) by asking the little ones if they’d like a ride around the rink.  Then he holds the pull sled as they take turns sitting in it and he runs them around the rink.  A grand time is had by all until Asher informs me that he has to go to the bathroom.  Shoot.  I cannot leave Jessie at the park with Gavin and I’m in no mood to bring them all back and then come BACK again.  We hadn’t been there long so I didn’t want to make everyone go in anyway.  Well, I decide Ash is a boy and really, what better time than 2 to start teaching the art of writing your name in the snow?  Plus, we’d get to work on his letters, right?  I bring him over by a tree and undo his winter gear just enough to let him do his thing but every time I tried to show him how to aim AWAY from his clothing he’d collapse in a fit of giggles.  It simply wasn’t happening.  Well, we were committed at this point so we just undid the winter gear more and I held him in a more sitting position but I guess the performance pressure was too much for him.  Or the cold.  Either way, nothing happened.  I just dressed him all back up and we were there for quite a while before we headed back home.

I guess he’ll just have to grow a bit more before we attempt to figure out aim.

Back at home I was anxious to relax a bit to feel for the babies to move again.  I get so nervous these days about them moving enough.  Since I can’t ever really tell who is doing what anymore, I have to hope that the kicks and movements are representative of both of them.  I’d much rather KNOW that A and B are both moving around.  I’m glad we have an appointment coming up where we’ll get to hear those heartbeats and know they are OK and I’m also glad there won’t be any more 4 week stretches between appointments.  We may well be to a point they would be born alive and all that, but I know well that there is never, at any point, a danger-free time.  For that matter, even after they are born there isn’t but I’m going to focus on my own particular neurotic issues. 

I think part of my stress comes from this birth story I read.  I’ve been looking up birth stories from twins that are about as far along as I am.  It has been interesting to see how, as I get further along, there are more and more happy endings.  Well, I stumbled over this one story where the woman actually went full term after some preterm labour around 26 weeks.  The thing was, it had a twist ending.  It was just a regular old birth story for twins and there was NO indication at all that this would happen but at the very very end, twin B had died before birth and was thus, stillborn.  This totally creeped me out.  I try hard to avoid reading things like that because I know how it works on my brain.  I feel for the other stillbirth stories, really I do.  When I’m not pregnant I’m all over sending my sympathies or whatever.  I just cannot handle it while pregnant.  I was actually really mad at that person for not mentioning ahead of time that it was a stillbirth story.  All I do now, day and night, is feel for baby movement to make sure they are both OK.  Hopefully, that will subside soon as I know how awful the worry I was in with Jessie’s pregnancy was and I have no desire to get to that state again. 

So, this morning as I was getting dressed I put on yet another pair of maternity pants that I cannot actually wear anymore.  DANG.  This time they were ‘under the belly’ pants that had to be VERY under the belly to fit but because the shirt that I’m wearing didn’t make it down quite long enough, there was danger of belly exposure that I wasn’t willing to take.  I am now down to 3 pairs of pants that are both comfortable and will cover me, 2 of which came from Michelle!  (OMG thank you Michelle!)  I’d like to take a moment to BEG of the world in general for someone to start a line of MULTIPLES maternity clothing that will actually fit through the whole pregnancy.  My fear at this point is that because the pants that I HAVE that don’t fit are already XL, I might actually have to start looking in the plus sizes again and mentally, that would be a huge defeat for me.  Plus, I don’t really want to have to buy more stuff because at this point I’ll only be in it for ~12 weeks or so.  Maybe I’ll just look at it this way – those babies are getting really big and healthy, right??!!


3 Responses

  1. Glad to see you’re able to use my stuff and laughing thinking of watching Ash try not to pee on his snowsuit. 🙂 At least now he knows why you say not to eat the yellow snow!

  2. You will have to buy more stuff. 12 weeks is a long time if nothing fits. Try not to think of it as YOU need a xxl-it’s the babies that need it because there are 2 of them. The other thing that might help is the Bella Band (or the motherhood knockoff). It will make it to where you can wear the low rise pants but not have your belly showing off. Plus, it sounds like the pants may not be the problem, just the shirts. All of my shirts are clearly too big in the shoulders, but it gives me the length that I need.

    It’s just a number (or a letter), try not to let it get to you.

  3. Ha I found you! Was following your story on your eggdonation Blog, and you’ve been lost since mid-November! Was really hoping everything was still ok, when I suddenly thought to google you and found you here 😉

    Glad all is well, and LOL at your little man’s attempt to water 🙂


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