The 7 month itch

No, we’re not 7 months along, but it still works because we are in the 7th month.  I know that because my friend Jeanette had her baby on our CD1 and since her little cutie is now 6 months old (and thus, in his 7th month) so are these boys.

Itch refers to, well, I know it doesn’t help that it is winter and all that but being pregnant always makes everything from my ankles to my shoulders itchy.  Since my ankles have been swelling a bit more recently (which I can tell from the lovely sock lines I get now) I am sure that hasn’t been helping. 

It is curious to only be 27 weeks along and to not so much look like that.  I’ve had people say to me “Any day now, huh??” and I have to reply back, “No, no, not so much any day, actually.”  I have a suspicion that the “You’re STILL here?” question is going to start very early with this pregnancy.  Both because I look huge AND because no one expects me to hit 40 weeks.

Speaking of hitting 40 weeks, as much as I don’t really WANT to, I suspect that is quite possible.  You never know though.  I was having probably at least one contraction per hour yesterday but it never got more than annoying and I went through a long time of that with Ash’s pregnancy as well.  Today has been pretty quiet on the muscle contraction front so that is good.  P told me to tell my uterus to stop doing that but I think perhaps he overestimates my powers of influence in that particular area.  For the record, if I DID have that kind of control, I would not have 3 full fledged pitocin assisted inductions under my belt.

Anyway, I had to post to say HAPPY 27 WEEKS to P and J!


4 Responses

  1. 🙂
    I’m glad we can help you out in your counting.

  2. I found the best way to get rid of the sock mark on the ankles is to stop wearing socks!

    I’m all for aiming to stay pregnant with twins as long as possible, but from what I’ve heard there is a point where the placentas start to break down and it’s sooner with twins. I’m sure your doc will keep on eye on that if you’re creeping towards 40 weeks, but I like the goal of 38/39 weeks better.

  3. Hehe, spoken like someone who has never lived in MN Cyn. I think I’d lose my toes to frostbite if I tried to not wear socks until, oh, July? 🙂

  4. Crazy to think you’re almost up to where Bri was! Good luck making it full term!

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