But I neeeeeed my pillow

We left Ash’s little satin pillow at the hotel we went to this weekend.  We had a tubing weekend planned with a little hotel stay which is really just for the kid’s amusement as we don’t live all that far away.  The actual tubing was scrapped as it was, ya know, 400 degrees below zero on Saturday.  Stubborn me though, wouldn’t cancel the trip so we went out anyway.  P and J had driven up as well which I LOVE, but I felt horrid that I basically made them drive an hour away to eat pizza and sit in a hotel room which we could’ve done without the drive.  All the kids loved the swimming pool.  Sunday morning we packed everything up and headed home only to discover at Ash’s naptime that his pillow was not included in the home trip. 

This little pillow was something I got for Gavin when he was old enough for a pillow.  He was never really attached to it and Jessie never really cared for it either.  Ash, however, is a bit pickier about his sleeping conditions.  He now spends a good deal of time before going to sleep calling out to me as pathetically as possible: “Moooommmyyy… Mommy… I neeeeeed my pillow!”  It is so sad.  We have called the hotel and they are mailing the thing back to us (Thankfully it is quite small and can squish even smaller so hopefully it won’t be too expensive.)  Still, it will be a bit before we get it back.  Here’s hoping Ash makes it through.

BTW – just to brag a bit – while swimming Ash got out of the pool a few times to have us bring him to the bathroom.  I cannot believe how easy he was to potty train.  Basically, it was less than 24 hours of potty training for this boy to go from totally not interested to totally a success.  Two years ago we did that same trip with Jessie as a 2 year old that had been potty trained at the exact same time as Ash.  We had her in pull-ups for the trip just in case there were accidents.  To her credit, there were not, but the point is that Ash is just further along than even she was at the same age.  He even told us he had to go before we had gotten home from the hotel but he was good waiting until we got home.  For that matter, he barely even tells anyone that he has to go anymore, he just runs off to the room and takes care of things himself.  This isn’t ideal as he has not picked up on the concept of TP conservation just yet.  I think his goal is to go through an entire roll each time he goes.  Oh, also, he gets VERY VERY mad at anyone that tries to help him wipe after a poo.  This is a problem because he just can’t do it himself and I end up feeling like the worlds worst parent as I pin the boy over my knee to clean him up amidst much protest.  Fun!  But that wasn’t the note I intended for this – YAY!  Asher is the amazing potty training wonder!!!


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  1. My 2nd (ds) was also miraculously easier than his sister (who wasn’t hard). He actually got in the habit of HAVING to be wiped by someone else and it took until kindergarten to get him to stop calling us in to do it. He’d get on the ground with his butt in the air and just call ‘mooom’!

    Yeah Ash!!

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