Zen and the art of not getting your way

Our 28 week appointment was today.  It had some ups and some downs. 

For the ups, the boys are doing extremely well.  A is bigger than B (perfect) by just a little bit – A is over 3 pounds and B is 2 pounds 15 ounces.  (I will update this when I get the note from P and J about the ounces for A as I don’t remember.  Hopefully they do.)  6 pounds of baby people!!  B was ‘breathing’ on the US as we watched and A is now head down.  B was first transverse and then more or less breech but B has issues so we won’t dwell on that at the moment.  Plus, our OB isn’t concerned with how B is presenting at all for a natural delivery.  I get to have weekly NSTs which will be a pain scheduling-wise but I’m glad for how nervous I’ve been trying not to be.  Our appointments also go to every 2 weeks at this point.  I’m measuring at 36(!!!) weeks along right now so YES, I feel huge.  Oh, also, my weight was 206, which is ugly, but actually 5 pounds DOWN from last Monday so clearly that weigh-in was a tad bit skewed.

Another up is that we all got to meet up with the doula I had worked with, Jessie.  I always enjoy meeting with her and it feels great for me to have someone that I feel will ‘get’ me and be looking out for my ‘big picture’ with the natural delivery.  Usually I feel so isolated and ‘me against the world’ with my natural concepts so I like not being alone.  I worry that I might be pushing her on the guys a bit because this pregnancy is falling financially on their shoulders but at this point I have to trust that if they were not big on having Jessie assist, they’d speak up.

Now for the down side.  First, I failed my glucose test.  BOO!!!!  I failed by 13 points out of 140, so that totally sucks too, but the odds are good, at least, that I won’t fail the 3 hour one.  Mostly, I’m disappointed because I view failing the 1 hour test as being somehow unhealthy as diabetes is always linked with being overweight so I feel like I somehow did something bad to fail.  That said, I understand twins are more likely to fail due to two placentas so all I can do is accept it, move forward, and hope for the best in the 3 hour test.  BTW – my instructions for the 3 hour test tell me to not smoke or drink or be physically or emotionally stressed out before the test. 

Next, I got a 9 on my stupid hemoglobin test.  After my 11 at the last appointment, I upped my iron-rich foods consumption, namely red meats, in the hopes that it would help.  Clearly, it didn’t do the job completely.  I really wish that I could just check my iron levels at home because if I could’ve done that all along, I’d have been able to modify and manage my plan of attack accordingly.  As it is, I can just make my adjustments and then wait for the next appointment to see what I get.  With that method, I get the “iron lecture” that I didn’t really enjoy while my OB goes over the importance of iron and WHY I should be getting more.  To his credit, he went out of the way to make sure that it wasn’t a ‘you naughty pregnant woman’ conversation, especially in front of P and J, and I was doing great for the babies but it was MY health that would suffer.  To my credit though, I know all that so I really just needed the test to know how my efforts were working to know how I needed to adjust.

I *think* that I’ve got this iron thing worked out though.  See, I simply cannot eat any more red meat than I am.  Weekly?  Yes, Daily?  No.  I also was not big on the supplements but I went from the appointment to the wholefoods co-op to talk to the people there about this.  They got me “Floradix Iron + Herbs” which is a liquid, 100% vegetarian source of iron (and the B vitamins) that is great for pregnant women and for NOT backing up your system.  I’m really excited about finding this BUT, that meant that I needed to get the iron OUT of my prenatals.  They did not have ANY prenatals or even multi-vitamins that didn’t have iron at the co-op so I headed to CVS to see what I could find there.  There was also nothing there that was iron-free except for a woman’s vitamin for seniors that also had ginko which I wasn’t 100% comfortable taking while pregnant even though ginko is probably just fine.  I just don’t like taking herbal supplements when I don’t know specifically that they are OK in pregnancy.  I searched the internet and found GNC had a prenatal with no iron so I headed over there.  It was a lot of work (and kinda pricey too, I might add) but I’ve now got my iron free prenatals, my iron liquid, AND some flax seed oil that was a mercury free – vegetarian safe way to get the extra Omega-3 for the babies.

Lastly, my OB wasn’t as ‘hippie-open’ about my ‘let twin B come whenever he feels like it’ request as I had hoped and anticipated he would be.  OK, FINE, he was making sense at least and discussing medical issues with me and not just blowing my request off so I still respect him – I’m just still thinking there had GOT to be more to it than what he is saying.  Why can I read over and over again about people waiting forever for twin B to come when he talks about 20 minute limits and placental breakdowns and such?  He’s not real big on internal versions so I’m happy about that.  Instead they just work externally to get baby B down and he’s totally fine with doing a breech baby B delivery without internal extraction so it is just the matter of how long do we wait for baby B to be born before doing things such as rupturing membranes and external pressure and such to encourage delivery. 

As an add-on, I will say that the whole operating room delivery is still up in the air.  He has said that they won’t force me to be wheeled down the hall while actively pushing out baby A just to try and make the transition to the OR so at least I feel good about not being yelled at to not push while that is happening.  We’re pretty much still working it over.  I just very strongly do NOT want something that is going to make me afraid and anxious as I know it would take blood supply away from my uterus for me to get really upset and that could very well shut down all labor progress and create the need for interventions that would be otherwise unneeded.  THAT would very much upset me as I don’t want to feel manipulated and attacked from a delivery.

Cripes, sometimes I just think a C-section WOULD be easier, not from a physical standpoint but from an emotional standpoint.  It is hard to always feel like you have to fight loads of tradition and old school red tape to be listened to.

So that was our appointment.  The 3 hour test isn’t for another 2 weeks – unless I just get tired of waiting for it and decide to just walk into the hospital for a spur of the moment test.  (After, you know, fasting for 8 hours spontaneously and taking great pains to avoid drinking or smoking for 3 whole days, not to mention avoiding all kinds of possible stress.  Like, you know, worry over the 3 hour test.)  Anyway, wish me luck on that.

Our friendly neighborhood US tech was as cheery and lovely as ever today, BTW, but she DID give us a picture of baby A kicking baby B in the head.  At least she must have a sense of humor to print that one off for us.


3 Responses

  1. Thankfully you still have plenty of time to mull over the dr’s words and come to peace with it-or schedule a C 🙂
    I too am at a point of wondering if just scheduling a C would be easier-we at least know what to expect that way.

    You’re doing great!

  2. You’re passing me up girl! Bri was only 2 lb 8.6 oz, so you’re bigger and soon further than she was. Every day is important. I failed my 1 hour with her. The three hour isn’t bad, it’s just boring. Bring something to do (not work – I’m thinking good book or a Nintendo DS)! I hope that Baby B is just fooling with you and they both come out no problem. Did you hear about the Octuplets (Babies A-H)? They thought there were only 7 then out pops another. 7, 8, what’s the difference at that point.

  3. I found your site and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good and useful posts. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you!

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