Welcome to the third trimester

We have now officially hit 28 weeks!  YAY! 

The average (singleton pregnancy) woman gains 11 pounds during this tri and this is when you’ll really ‘pop’ and look pregnant.  Um… Hmmm.  We’ll just have to see what that means in the ‘twin’ case.  I happened across another Dr Luke quote last night about how women with twins that gained 41 pounds by 28 weeks had ‘normal weight’ twins at birth.  Since this was indirect from some random website, I’m not certain if it is really what she says, however it made me laugh a bit.  I had stopped paying attention to her weight gain guidelines as I didn’t want to be depressed because I had passed up even her generous allowances.  Amazing though, how I’m to the pound on that particular one. 

Asher has decided that he has a baby in his belly now.  It will be exiting from his belly button – just as he is certain these boys will be exiting my belly.  I suppose that is good for him as it most certainly won’t be coming out the traditional way in his pregnancy.  He is too cute with how much he likes to see the babies and watch them move.  I haven’t really discussed this with the guys but hopefully our kids will get to see the boys for a bit once they are here.  It is funny that most people ask how the kids will take it when the boys don’t come home with us as if they will be scarred for life. 

See, they all know these boys are going home with P and J and trust me when I say answering the “Where are the babies?” and the “Why didn’t they come home with us?” questions are EXTREMELY better when you can say they just went home with their Daddies and we might be able to visit sometime VS saying there was something wrong with the baby and she died.  No, I couldn’t fix her, no, the doctors couldn’t fix her, she just died.  THAT – well, that sucks to tell your 3 year old.  Especially when you have to tell him over and over and over again.  Scarred for life when they go home with P and J?  I, think, not.

Next, knowing Ash, I think he’d be scarred for life if they DID have to come home with us.  This boy is THE baby of the family and he wears his roll well.  Just yesterday, I was picking them up from daycare and another little boy was standing close to me looking up at me because he was a little confused about me not being his mom to come pick him up.  Asher RAN over and pushed him down while letting him know in no uncertain terms that I was HIS mommy.  Um, that boy was bigger than Asher too, BTW.  (Yes, he had to apologise and all that.)   This part is what makes me giggle a bit when I hear the concern because you know that if the boys were coming home with us the concern would be in the other direction.  “What is the 2 year old gonna do when he is kicked out of his baby roll?” Asked with knowing tones.  Human nature is kinda funny that way.

BTW – I looked up the ingredients in the drink that my clinic uses for the glucose drink test.  Dextrose.  Basically, corn syrup.  Ew.  I asked what they use as an alternative for people that are allergic to corn and they completely hadn’t ever thought of it.  It never even occurred to them that people allergic to corn couldn’t drink that.  My OB was actually a bit startled and has vowed to make certain that everyone that gets it is ASKED first if they are allergic to corn products.  Alas, this non-allergic-to-corn person that I am is just going to have to drink the processed corn poison as the only alternatives they had were drinking Coke or eating jelly beans instead.  Um, not better.  My OB DID say that if I looked up how much honey I would need to get 100 grams of glucose I could do that but I had to break down and admit that in studies they simply couldn’t get anyone to react to the sugars in honey like they do to corn no matter how much they gave to them so it wouldn’t be a very accurate test.  That DOES, however, point out that even taking the test is a bit whacked out for me since I don’t generally consume processed corn sugars and thus who cares if I react to it or not.  That also makes me wonder if perhaps my higher results come from my body not being prepared to make the insulin required to turn corn syrup into fat as quickly as they want to see due to me not having a history of eating it. 

So – 28 weeks.  We are close!  Probably less than 10 weeks away at this point.


3 Responses

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve officially been over her guidelines for awhile now-at least since my Jan weigh in. I can’t find anything that says too much is bad though and my doc hasn’t even murmured a concern. The blood pressure and urine still look good, so we’re running with it.

    I probably should’ve mentioned in the beginning that I gain weight like crazy while pregnant and am OK with it. I’m just hoping for some big, healthy babies in a few more weeks.

  2. We missed you at the scrap, but I understand you’ve got bigger things on your plate.

    So if you were 28 days on the 30th, you’re 28w2d today. You passed Bri!

    That’s cute about Asher and the belly button baby. I never thought of it in terms of having already had to deal with the tough explanations. I’m sure it’s much easier to explain when it’s really something happy for someone who couldn’t have it any other way versus something tragic.

    Good luck with everything. I suppose it could be soon, but let’s hope you’ve got a good 6-8 weeks left!

  3. That’s interesting about the corn syrup. I remember that stuff was gross anyway.

    Getting close!

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