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How to tag, but not really

Tag posts… yay! Stick around though, there is actual post material after…

The last time I did this, I got a bunch of people mad at me.  SOOO… consider this.  If you WANT to follow along, then pretend you are tagged and post the picture.  If you do not, I’m not naming names so there you are.  To not be a party pooper though, I will follow the other instructions.

“If you’re reading along with me, your instructions: 1. Find your sixth picture folder and in that folder, the sixth picture 2. Post it on your blog with some of the background of the picture 3. Tag four others and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.”


This is my son’s cake from ‘Farma’s house’ for his 9th birthday.  We went to a water park hotel with some friends for his actual party.

Actual post content:

So, last night I woke up having huge contractions and I went into the hospital and had the boys.  They were between 4 and 5 pounds each and the guys were thrilled and I was too until I realized they weren’t supposed to be born at 28 weeks and then I was misserably dissapointed in myself.  The boys, however, were breathing and doing really really well.

Then I woke up for real and saw that I was still pregnant and sighed a HUGE sigh of relief.  For the record, I HATE when I have dreams like that when they seem so totally real.

I’m not actually worried about going into labor early.  Especially now, when going into labor early would not mean very bad odds for the babies.  Either way, I don’t think my body would do that.  No, I worry instead about losing the babies even though we know they could live if born now.  Not as much as I worried about it in Jessie’s pregnancy, but I guess I’m a little surprised that I dreamed about that the way I did.  When it comes to spontaneously going into labor, I have yet to be convinced that my body knows how to do that.  Trouble is, I don’t give it much of a chance.  I get too freaked out. 

Someone asked me today at work if I planned on sticking around the whole time.  Pretty much.  Due to having no maternity leave plans for after the birth though, I know I could afford some time off before the birth when it is just too annoying to go through the motions of going to work when my mind is elsewhere.  Plus, I suspect eventually the only thing that will fit me will be my bathrobe and due to not being able to close it all the way I highly doubt it meets company dress codes.  Even then though, I wouldn’t want to be totally out.  My short term dissability rep told me that as long as I take the first 5 full days out, I can work part time from home and still stay on dissability.  This is good because frankly I don’t trust anyone else doing my job and I don’t want to fix everything that got broken while I was out.  Getting back to the original question though, my OB has not said anything to me about standard bed rest requirements simply because I’m pregnant with twins.  Of course, I’m out of the office so often for appointments that it FEELS like I’m on reduced work hours.

I need to go to sleep now so I’m signing off.  Don’t forget to go enter your guess on the baby pool!!!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for playing!

    Bedrest with twins is not a requirement, but you may find there’s a point where it’s just too physically difficult to be at work all day. You’ll know if that’s the case I would think!

  2. Ahh, I remember the pregnancy dreams. I actually had a lot in the early postpartum days too…

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