Hahahahahaha….. um… ew.

I’m simultaneously amused and disgusted.  So, just for the hell of it, I grabbed my old pants out of my closet.  You know, those big old giant jeans that fit me at my top weight of 229 pounds?  I wanted to see how the baby belly stacked up to them.  Not only does it totally button up over the belly, but they were actually loose enough yet to be comfortable.  Yikes.  But on the other hand – hey – comfortable jeans, right?  Maybe not so much.  So I actually wore them today and I’m having a problem keeping them up.  I have to keep pulling my pants back up to make sure they stay on.  Plus, obviously the legs and everything else is REALLY tent-like.  If they stayed on I wouldn’t care because finding clothing that works now is really all about what doesn’t have me flashing body parts to anyone.  The fact that they won’t stay up over the belly though because they are just too big is annoying.  It is also really frightening because DAMN – really?  I was THAT big before?

I’ve decided Baby B is going to join the circus and be part of a flying trapeze act.  He spends enough time practising.  I can just see Baby A in there rolling his eyes at his little brother (because B gets born second) every time he goes on a practising spree.  At nighttime B goes rather nuts and A just give periodic jerks as if to say “Hey, B, it’s the middle of the night.  Calm the fuck down so I can sleep!” 

Tomorrow is my 3 hour glucose test.  Wish me luck!  I honestly hope that it turns out well because I just don’t want to have to deal with anything else right now.  Not that I think the ‘controling it with diet’ thing would be hard.  The other side is just ego.  Sadly, I’m shallow enough to not want to fail this test even if it is something I cannot really control.

Oh, and holy crap did I have a weird dream last night!  B was pushing around in there like normal only I could see actual hand prints pushing out!  Then as I watched I could see his whole face pushing out.  I found this all very amusing and was trying to get a picture of it with my camera but for some reason I couldn’t get my digital camera on the right settings.  I know!  How weird is that??  Like I don’t know my way around my own camera!  🙂  No, actually, the baby body parts going all ‘alien’ on me as B was trying to push his way out first was the odd part.  All I have to say is that boy BETTER be born AFTER his brother!


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  1. It’s great to know that you lost so much weight that even 30 weeks pregnant with twins those pants are still too big!

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