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GTT down, iron nooooot exactly up…

3 hour test very much passed.  The 2 hour draw was a oddly the highest value of all 4 draws and the only one that wasn’t in the guidelines.  All the rest passed.  Since you only need 2 of the 4 to pass, I made it!  YAY!   I’m sure the guys are glad, although they still have my iron levels to obsess over.

OK, so P had just had this speaker on the effects of maternal and fetal anemia and I have to apologise that I didn’t take it very well.  Let me at least say that it is frustrating to me because I have been really really TRYING to bring up the iron levels and nothing seems to be working.  The only thing it is doing is making me bloated, gassy, WAY uncomfortable, and annoyed.  Those things together mean that I get more contractions per hour and there is honestly nothing else in the world that I can do to get more iron.  Have I mentioned that physically I’m literally going to DIE from the side effects of even the reportedly ‘most gentle on your digestion ever’ supplement that I’m currently taking?  The kicker though is that none of it seems to be doing anything so there is my frustration and thus why I was MAYBE a TAD snotty regarding the issue.

For the record, did they take into account birth weight and what OTHER nutrients might also be low with maternal results of low iron?  Or what nutrients (or chemicals) might be HIGH in poor maternal diets such as preservatives and processed sugars?  I would think that it is highly possible that someone with a poor nutritional diet in general would be more likely to be anemic and thus their ‘effects’ on the newborns would be hard to distinguish between iron and nutrition in general. The irony (hehe, irony vs iron) of this whole thing is that I’m totally thrilled to see the active pregnancy participation from P so I totally welcome it… even if it is on a topic that has pretty much worn me down completely between the effort and pain and cost and lack of results. 

But hey, I’m measuring at 38 weeks now!!  I felt weird doing the 3 hour test when it was pretty clear what I was sitting in the waiting room for but I was LOOKING so full term.  It seemed that everyone was looking at me and wondering why this full term person had to take the test.  There was another woman taking the test at the same time as me and she did not look anywhere near as pregnant as I did.  In fact, if I didn’t know it, I’d have guessed that she wasn’t pregnant at all.  Compared to enormous me, it just seemed comical… like I was REALLY LATE in taking my glucose test.

We are moving steadily into appointments all the freaking time land here.  Every Wednesday over lunch there are NSTs.  Every OTHER week on Tuesday we have OB appointments.  We have another ‘measure the babies’ US 4 weeks from today.  We’re also trying to fit in a meeting with the doula so… busy busy busy! 

SO, signing off for now.


One Response

  1. Congrats on passing and having one less thing to worry about!

    Sorry about the iron though. I wish I knew what was helping to keep mine high. You are obviously ‘trying’ much harder than I am to keep the levels up.

    I’m sure right now all of the appointments seem a little ‘over the top’, but when you are closer to 34+ weeks, they really do provide much needed weekly reassurance that all is fine with the babies (and your own health). At this point I’d go twice a week if they’d allow me!

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