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30 weeks with twins

We have now hit 30 weeks officially.  It will be interesting to see where this twin thing goes from here.  The belly is absolutely huge at this point, in fact, as I sit here in my bed in the morning with my laptop it is hard to reach the keyboard to type!

This is drill weekend for the hubby so it means a weekend on my own at the house.  Those are pretty tough these days as 3 kids can do an amazing amount of damage in one weekend to a house and I simply cannot keep up with them.  Not to mention how far behind we’ve managed to get in laundry.  Ahhhh domestic bliss, right?  To top it all off, Asher has discovered the magic of getting out of his crib on his own.  He’s been able to do this for a long time but he is just now doing so whenever he feels like it.  Time for a regular bed I guess, although that won’t fix the nap issue.  I really REALLY hope he takes naps this weekend.

You will be happy to know that I managed to discuss the iron topics with my OB (at least, the ones that I couldn’t find answers to on the internet) and I’m feeling better about it.  For one, I can easily take 200% of my daily allowance of iron now since I’m pregnant with twins.  That helps with the “I can’t do anything more” part.  I also learned that it can take 4 weeks before any iron you take will show up in a hemoglobin test SO, the Floradix that I started taking about 2 weeks ago CAN still be helping, it just wouldn’t show up yet.  When you take the ‘for nothing’ out of the ‘why am I doing all this work and discomfort for nothing?’ whine, it makes it all not nearly so bad. 

I’ve also had to change all my NSTs to Monday when my OB is actually in the office.  As it turns out, all of the other OBs in his office are tards, but I knew that already.  They tried to tell me that a TOTALLY non-reactive NST strip where the babies didn’t even move AT ALL during the entire 20 minutes and had NO accelerations was “beautiful” and that I was done and should go.  Um, no… that’s not exactly how it works.  I mean, when I think about all the stories I’ve heard from people I know that have had potentially very bad situations caught because someone was really paying attention – it just makes me want to vomit all over the BAD OB staff that aren’t concerned enough to put in the extra effort to just do things right. 

Before I get too far into my rant, know that the babies are and were fine, they were just sleeping.  I wasn’t even worried about them just then – I just wanted the staff to say I’d stick around a bit longer for them to wake up so we could get a conclusive NST.  I refused to leave until we had an actually reactive NST strip which we got not too long after when the boys woke up (and holy crap did B wake up!  His heart rate was going over 200 at times!!)   The end result is simply that I don’t trust the other OBs to read the NSTs, however I’ve known these other OBs since Jessie was a fetus and I’ve never once been impressed by a single thing they’ve said or done so it isn’t a big loss.

At work I’m getting a lot of “You’re still here??” already.  Cripes people, I’m 30 weeks today.  They know I’ve got twins.  I can only assume they mean that I’m clearly superwoman for continuing to get up and walk around at this point and NOT that they are shocked I haven’t given birth.  So far though, there’s been no reason to quit work.  Work is WAY easier than home life.  If I could sit on my butt at home and move the kids and the laundry and everything around with the mouse I’d totally be set! LOL!

Well, I’ve hit the snooze button enough times, it is time for me to actually get up and ready.  The biggest challenge of any day is ahead: find clothes that fit.  Wish me luck!  Also, please go fill out the twins’ birth guesses PUH LEEEESE???  It’s only fun if people play along.


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