31 weeks and YES, I’m sure there aren’t 3 in there.

If  it is possible, I think these boys are riding a bit lower than they were.  It is hard to tell because in order to ride ‘lower’ per say, they’d have to have somewhere ‘lower’ to go and I’m not certain they do.  Plus, they’d have to not be in my ribs and trying to practise manual heart compressions from the inside at the same time.  Maybe they are just getting bigger.  It’s just that I feel like I’m doing kegal exercises every time I stand up just to keep them on the inside.  If I wasn’t at just 31 weeks (and yet, YAY, 31 weeks!) I’d be more OK with this. 

At 31 weeks, the babies start putting on ~1/2 pound per week.  That means ~1 pound per week of JUST baby.  Considering they are by now at about 4 pounds each…. yikes.   All things considered though, I’m feeling pretty darn good.  I mean, as long as I don’t try to walk for long and I have no reason ever to touch the floor or try to see my feet.  Speaking of which, I’m nervous about them swelling lately.  It isn’t bad, but I’m hoping it stays that way and I’m figuring it probably won’t.  If I get warm (which happens too annoyingly often even though MN seems to want to get freezing cold again) then I have to work at spinning the rings and the watch but I’m still thinking that having them fit OK at 31 weeks with twins isn’t too terribly bad.

I found out that my clinic is charging me twice for just about everything I do.  Two babies, ya know.  This is a bit aggravating as they are not literally doing two full sets of everything they do.  Even the ultrasounds, which I’ll admit take longer and they SHOULD charge more for twins, are not flat out doubled.  I do, afterall, still only have one cervix. It’ll be interesting to see how they charge for the birth.  It does make things add up fast.  A $250 ultrasound turns into a $500 ultrasound.  Makes me glad there aren’t 8!  How many $2000 ultrasounds do you think she had to get in a week anyway?  BTW – those eight were born at 31 weeks, just where we are now.


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  1. Congrats on making it to week 31! I had to stop wearing my rings during the first trimester.

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