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41 weeks today!

Or, at least, that is what I’m measuring.  While I have never actually been 41 weeks before, I’m not certain if I have ever measured 41 weeks before.  It is certainly on the outer limits.  10 weeks ahead though, that is impressive.  My OB said his biggest twins ever were in the 7 pounds each range.  I’m wondering if I could break his record.  He has been practising for a LONG time so I’d feel pretty spectacular to do so.  The trouble is, I’m quite certain that ‘spectacular’ isn’t how I would define how I’d feel physically to be carrying around twins where each were all that much over 7 pounds each.

Good news is that I didn’t gain 10 whole pounds in the last month!  Ya, it was 8.  I should probably update my ticker on this site for that but I don’t really feel like it.  214 is getting way too close to 229… who’s placing bets on if I’ll go over that or not?  I feel a bit less guilty knowing that there is a fair amount of feet/ankle swelling.  What are the odds that I can give birth to two 20 pound babies?  Part of the issue is the passing of Valentines day.  I have to admit that eating some chocolate then set off my ‘hunt and gather’ instincts for MORE chocolate.  Um, that’s unfortunate.  The withdrawals for that are no fun.  It is also harder for me to stand around in  the kitchen to cook so we as a family aren’t eating as well as I wish.  Yes, my husband does cook well but his focus isn’t exactly ‘how many veggies can I fit into this meal?’

Anyway, the appointment was nice and boring with nothing really spectacular happening.  We are still sitting at weekly NSTs and in two weeks we will have another US to judge size and such.  Then ‘near the end’ (according to my OB this is ~35 weeks) we will get one last US to see who is head down.  He seems convinced that anyone that is head down at that point will remain head down until birth due to lack of room.  I think maybe he is not taking into account the fact that these boys don’t seem to mind shoving body parts into tight uncomfortable spaces.  Either way, I’m hoping for head down baby A.

Break will be over soon here in our session at work.  I should sign off.  I do have to admit, I don’t like having to pay attention at work much these days.


One Response

  1. Baby B continued to flip and change positions daily, right up to the birth.
    Baby A had no room to move though. The first twins though Baby A flipped breech at 34 weeks and then stayed that way.

    They do have an amazing ability to find room!

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