My grandmother called them slacks.  Then again, she always used to admonish that we should keep our shoes off the davenport and as a kid I was never sure why she didn’t want us wearing shoes in her car.  (Ya, I know what it is now, thank you.)  Anyway, pants are kind of a requirement these days.  I owned 3 that would fit me and cover my belly and my lower half such that I felt comfortable going out in public with my shirts that, well, didn’t.  I did take the idea from Cyn to cut a tank top to help out with that (only I only cut a slit across the front so that I could still wear the tank under my cleavage revealing tops and just yank the bottom part down enough to cover the bits that were otherwise exposed by both shirt and pants) however I am still just more comfortable wearing pants that are overlapped by the shirt in belly coverage.

One of the three that I owned was this pair of black pants ( from the Hot Mamma store that was, well, not cheap.  For anyone pregnant out there, especially with multiples, I highly suggest you get yourself a pair of these.  I wasn’t very impressed with them at first, but as the belly grew and they kept up and got even BETTER… they got worn a lot.  Plus, they looked professional and went well at work all the time.  This weekend, those pants have been laid to rest.  My mother, whom I appreciate and love dearly and who has been helping out around the house to my amazing relief and again, appreciation, has accidentally dried my Hot Mamma pants.  To be fair, I should’ve done more to prevent this.  I had been thinking all day that I should call and talk to her about these pants that I had just placed in the laundry room the night before.  I did not make that call and thus it is my own fault, really.  Fault aside, my previously ‘Hot Mamma’ pants are now ‘Baby Got Back’ leggings which cannot be worn out in public with anything shorter than a knee length tunic.

So there I was with only two pairs of pants left, only one of which was really work-appropriate.  I needed to get myself SOMETHING to finish out this pregnancy.  As much as I did not like the idea, I was pretty sure nothing else would fill the gap short of a new pair of the exact same pant.  I had a last ditch idea first, however, which was to invade the crawl space for the maternity pants I had used while pregnant with Jessie and Asher.  At that time, I was solidly into wearing size 22 while NOT pregnant.  Yes, that ‘healthy me’ page has me in those size 22 pants that are not maternity.  My memory, however, was that some of those pants (all of which I had ordered online) were too small and never actually worn during my pregnancy so there was some hope.  Now the trouble was how to get them out of the crawl space.  I opened the door to our sizable crawl space closet and found that Ash’s entire crib had been placed JUST inside that door and not actually slid back into the space as it should have been.  The doorway was totally crammed tight and blocked so that even if you could crawl around on all fours, you weren’t getting into the crawl space to do it.

Not being easily denied, I started wrestling with the crib mattress and got it pushed onto it’s side and slid back into the crawl space enough to make some room.  Now, if you’ve seen my belly pictures, you will know that a crib mattress and me are NOT the same width.  Even, I’ll admit, if I suck in my gut.  This girl needed pants though so push on I did!  Somehow I made it past that crib and into the area of the crawl space where you actually have to crawl.  Now, I’m not certain how I managed this as crawling around on the floor isn’t exactly easy, but I did.  Now I had to find which bin was the one with my old pants in it.  Turns out, it was the bin off to the left but not very far back so I was able to get to that.  I knew I’d never get the whole bin lifted up over that crib and out of the area so I just grabbed the pants out of it.  I did look for shirts but they weren’t in that bin and I wasn’t willing to crawl around any more.

Through tossing the pants ahead of me and crawling a bit and tossing the pants again, I made my way out.  I bullied my way past the crib parts in the entrance and carried my stash of pants upstairs to try them on.  Most of them were actually size 20, not 22, which is still huge but whatever.  They all fit in pretty much the same way.  The belly panel in the front was WAY too small and thus it was mostly regular pant material that was drawing around front to cover the belly.  The rest of the pants were baggy and large which meant that I was covered without even pulling… in fact the ‘adjustable waist’ for the belly was pulled tight and it still was fine.  The bottom line?  They were totally usable pants.  This is good in the sense that now I’m not stuck with just 2 pairs of pants to use.  It is also good in the sense that ONE of those pants is a pair of black pants even if they aren’t as nice as the other ones I owned.  It is bad in the sense that I’m fitting into pants that are for all intents and purposes from my ‘old body’ and it makes me very very sad.

At least I was saved from having to buy another pair of those pants.  I do wonder what I’ll be at once these boys are born.  How much weight will I have to lose after they are here?  I will find out tomorrow at least how much these boys are estimated to weigh! 

We just had a NST today which had B doing well but A was up to his normal ‘sitting around at 120’ with very few accels and sometimes hitting in the 110 to 120 range.  This is a little anxiety producing, however the US tomorrow and the appointment tomorrow should help with that.  If nothing else, the US will tell us where to look for the heartrate better and we could hook up the NST again for a better run.  Today they were having so much trouble finding the heartrates at all for the two that we ended up with nurses just holding the monitors by hand the whole time.  Both heart beats were found pretty low in my belly so let’s all send big “Don’t be breech!!” vibes to the babies for tomorrow!


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  1. I had just been wondering about you and hoping all was well-you don’t usually leave us waiting so long for a post 🙂

    Sadly, the ‘really big undies’ I bought for the pregnancy are still fitting just fine at 2 weeks PP. I haven’t been brave enough to even try on any of my pre-pregnancy clothes to know just how small they are. I do trust that eventually the weight will be gone, it will just take moving again-it’s amazing how slow I still am.

    I have faith that you will be back in your regular clothes at some point. I live by ‘it takes 9 months to put it on, it should take 9 months to take it off’ story.

  2. Which Gramdma didn’t want you wearing shoes in the car? Mom

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