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Room to flip still?

34 weeks!!  YAY!!!  Or – if I weren’t pregnant with monster twins, it’d be 34 weeks!  Only 6 more weeks to go.  I suppose to some extent that is still possible.  I have the nagging feeling that I’ve been in this state before… oh yes!  When I was giving myself PIO shots and I was counting down the weeks until I didn’t have THAT particular unpleasantness hanging over my head. 

I’ve been trying to convince the babies that now that we’re at 34 weeks and there is no more danger of being carted off to that fancy big city hospital with the big fancy NICU (rather than our little, ya know, rural hick-ville hospital with only ONE Starbucks within a block of it) they are free to turn head down and all that.  Well, I only care about where A turns.  I’ve been reading up on Csections as the ‘far alongness’ and the fact that I THINK A is still head up makes me think me odds are going down more and more for a vaginal birth.  For those of you that are annoyed by the use of the term ‘vaginal’ birth instead of ‘natural’ birth – vagina vagina vagina.  Get over it.  I’ve decided that I’m really REALLY not interested in a Csection.  Not because of the cutting.  I don’t care about that.  I don’t want to have to pick between a spinal or an epidural.  I figured a spinal would be better because it is just a shot into your spinal area and not so much a catheter that sits there.  I, apparently, was very wrong because my biggest fear of the whole ‘messing with my spine’ thing is the headache which I guess the spinal has higher odds of causing.  My next biggest fears would be more long term damage.  I kinda wish they could just put some numbing cream on my belly and go for it.

I guess the plus side of the csection would be that I wouldn’t have to be super embarrassed about not being able to properly groom the parts of my body that I cannot see.  I can manage to shave my legs although it makes me very aware of how badly swollen I am below my knees.  I can’t wait for THAT to go down. 

The other bad part about a Csection would be missing out on such a critical moment in this whole journey.  I don’t want to be laying on a table getting stitches while the new family is in the midst of seeing each other for the first time.  I don’t want to be stuck in a hospital bed healing from major abdominal surgery while I wave pathetically to the new family as they head home to their lives.  *Sigh*  So Baby A… feel free to turn yourself head down any time now.


2 Responses

  1. I know it’s not quite the same, but you do get to see the initial moment when they first see the babies as they are pulled from your belly. Yes, then they go off and get cleaned up in a separate room, but my IP’s were kind enough to bring them back in so I could see them one more time before they headed off to the nursery and I to recovery.

    I’m sure you’ve viewed the ‘turning baby’ sites, it’s really the only thing I can suggest. If A is not firmly lodged it’s still possible. Sending you lots of VAGINAL delivery vibes!!

  2. My kid was breech and I tried so many things to flip her for so long and nothing. Well, in the water she would flip halfway, then when I got out, go back head up. Sometimes they have their reasons. Maybe this one doesn’t and will flip though for ya!

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