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Yuko, redone


As much as I love having long hair, it gets very annoying after a very short time.  Specifically after any time spent trying to brush or wash or dry it.  I have spent the last few months wanting to get it cut but afraid to cut off the Yuko treated hair as it would then frizz out.  I got to go in today to have it cut and re-yuko-treated. 

I have to admit, I wasn’t intending to have it THIS short.  I mean, as long as it is straightened, it could be cut in a mohawk and I’d be happy with it so it isn’t a big deal but it isn’t what I had in mind either. We made two ponytails to cut off and donate to Locks of Love and in the process of doing that, there were some shorter “layers” according to the girl at the salon.  I think what she meant when she said that was “oops”, but I’m pretty sure that’s the first lesson of cutting hair, ‘Never say oops in front of the client.’    In about a month I’ll have to head in to get the ‘layers’ trimmed back but that’s fine.

My real concern is with having treated such a shorter amount of hair.  I’m hoping that it grows out OK again.  I can always go in and have the part that grows out treated but I’d hate to have to pay for two treatments in a shorter amount of time.

I’m happy to share that I’m now under 190 pounds, having hit 189 this morning.  That means that I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds in the last 10 days.  Not too many people can say that, I’m pretty sure.  Well, not too many people can say it and be HONEST – I’ve got a ‘spam e-mail’ mailbox filled with people that say it who are full of crap.  It isn’t a very useful diet tool – giving birth.  Mostly because the whole getting pregnant in the first place part makes you gain enough to join a herd of bison and 40 pounds is still over 20 short of what I have to lose.  Still, 189 was nice to see.  Yesterday I put on my largest pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and I could actually wear them.  I was so very happy with myself… until I was in the bathroom and noticed that my csection cut was uber-bleeding again.  Ya, maybe a bit too tight yet.  I’ll hold off on trying that again. 

Other than ripping open, I’m not sure what is going on with that csection cut.  I’ve been running a fever off and on ever since the night I had the boys.  At first I was sure it was part of the cold I got from my kids.  That cleared up though and I was good for a few days until I started in on the fever again.  No other symptoms to speak of.  I was in at the OB’s office yesterday (before the bleeding started) and since he didn’t think the incision looked anything other than perfect and couldn’t find a cause for the fever either, he just sent me home to call if it got over 100.5.  Being the non-OCD person that I am, I proceeded to refuse to take any meds at all and monitor my temp all night long last night to see what it was.  For the record, I ranged from 100.7 to 101.3 before it started going down again around 3AM and I finally took some meds again so I could sleep.  I didn’t call today because my OB isn’t working on Wednesdays and I didn’t want to deal with any of the other OBs in the office.  I’ll have to call in tomorrow if the fever comes back tonight… I suppose I should probably share that the cut was open and bleeding as well.  I have to admit, csections blow as far as a birthing options go… and I’m pretty sure I had it easy for recovery. 

Last but certainly not least, the boys are home!!!  Gabriel was released on Sat and Emmett was released on Monday.  Only 1 week isn’t too bad for a preemie stay in a level II nursery, right?  Hopefully we’ll be able to bring the kids out to see them soon but I need to figure out this fever thing first.  That, and I’m trying to sit on my hands and give them alone time as a family without me constantly calling.  It is hard – after having talked with them nearly every day for so long.  Today would’ve been our Wednesday night together too.  The last time I talked to P he told me about the boys’ first clinic visit and how their doc said how very well fed they were during the pregnancy.  Apparently the doc offered to call me and tell me this personally and I can just imagine what prompted that.  “Wow, these boys are amazing for 34 weeks.”  “I know, right???  You should see how our surrogate just starts crying every time it is brought up and how bad she feels about them being born early.”  Now, if *I* had been that doctor, my response would’ve been “Well, you do know she just gave birth, right?  She’s probably home right now crying about how the dryer sheet got stuck in the lint trap and now that whole load is all static-clingy.”  Being what I can only assume is a much NICER person than I, this doc instead must’ve offered to call.  Not that I would turn down that call, but all I’m saying is that I can only hope that when I try to answer the phone the zap from my newly purchased and washed high waisted, non csection irritating purple granny underware doesn’t hang up on the poor man.


8 Responses

  1. Oh man, when I stop laughing I’ll post a proper comment……………..

  2. Robyn, I would definitely recommend you go see the doctor. An infection in a c-section scar is the last thing you want – they might need to reopen the incision to clean out . Take care of yourself!

    And your short hair looks very cute!

  3. Too many things to comment on here!

    You crack me up. I love the granny panties comment. Yep, can’t rub on that scar. Ish.

    Too bad it was breaking open. C-secs definitely suck.

    Yeah twins for finally going home.

    and last – wow with the haircut! Looks good. 🙂

  4. First thing, bleeding is NOT normal!! Def call your doc!!
    I wasn’t even bleeding in the hospital! Although I think you are doing too much also! Perhaps if I ran a marathon a week after delivery my incision would’ve bled also?
    Slow down and let your body heal-even if it had been a vaginal delivery, you’re body just grew 2 babies-let it rest for a bit.

    Secondly, your hair is amazing! I was actually looking up your past posts about the Yuko since my curls are so random until the hormones level out. I SO want to cut mine off, but I know my gal will give me grief about it needing to be longer. It looks great now, but I can see where the layers growing out a bit would be amazing.

    I hear ya on the granny panties. I at least knew this time around that they would be necessary. They def suck!

    Great to hear the babes are home and that the dr would’ve been willing to call you. 🙂

    Now go see a dr!!

  5. I am also going to tell you to have that fever and incision checked out. Let me tell you that post-partum infections are NOT fun.
    Your hair cut looks amazing!!! And it has to be easier to care for right now.
    Glad the boys are home and doing great.
    Now take care of yourself. We love you. Mom and Jim

  6. Cute hair!


  7. Haven’t read the post yet, but from other’s comments, I suppose I should say GO TO THE DOCTOR!

    I just had to comment on the pics. Your hair is sooo cute!

  8. Cute hair! Not going to say anything about the dr since I believe you already have gone. 🙂
    Glad the boys are home.

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