In the most loving way possible: Duh!

I think comments are contagious or something.  You all are nuts, and I say that in the most loving and grateful way possible.  I really do love how concerned you all are and I’m lucky to have such great friends but I’m not sure what I said that made it sound like I wasn’t planning on heading in.  For the record, the nurse line called me back and tried to convince me to not come in until my normal appointment on Friday but I stuck with her until it got moved to Thursday. 

So guess who is on antibiotics now?  (Hint: it is my blog.)  I don’t really think anyone knows where the fever is coming from still but I think we can agree that we gave it a decent chance to resolve itself without drugs.  My OB’s only idea is that whatever infection might be there must be so far under the skin that we aren’t seeing anything from it on the surface.  Using that logic, he went with the oral antibiotics vs topical as he didn’t think the topical would get in far enough.  I also think the oral was just in case whatever it is has nothing to do with the csection at all.  Of course, the question remains as to does it have anything to do with bacteria at all and will the antibiotics affect it.  No idea.  Also, I’d just like to put into writing that I said to a doctor for perhaps the first time in my life: “Whatever you think is best.”  I know.  He even blinked a few times before answering me.  He had asked my thoughts on oral vs topical antibiotics and really, I haven’t done any research on the issue so I had no idea.

The weight loss seems to have slowed a bit as I only lost 2 pounds from yesterday to today.  How depressing is it going to be to go from crazy multiple pounds per day losses to normal once this levels out?  I think that the fever has really been helping as first, it takes calories to keep that temp up and second, all the gross sweating at night gets rid of extra water.  My feet and ankles and hands are still swollen a bit so I know there’s more of that to go yet.

Today is my last day off work.  Well, probably.  I have to call my boss and go over the details yet.  I was hoping to swing working from home on Monday just to start things off slower but I have to get him to agree to that first.  Not that he is going to force me to come in, he just doesn’t want me ‘working’ when I’m not really ready yet so he’d rather have me take more time vs working from home, I think.  The only real reason I can think of for not going into work yet is the clothing issue.  It is not easy to find outfits that I could wear into work, let alone out in public, that work with my shape and my csection cut right now.  I had been planning on wearing the ‘under the belly’ maternity pants that I had outgrown in the course of the pregnancy as my post partum pants but with the cut, that’s not really as comfy as I’d like.  The ‘over the belly’ pants are mostly way too big.  I can either choose to look like a clown, um, a rather pregnant clown, or walk around pulling the pants off my csection cut all day.  The other option is to wear some of my sweat pants into work and give everyone the evil “I dare you to comment” eye as I walk around.  I must admit, that last option does have its pull. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Um, because you are stubborn. And you have a history of not wanting to listen to doctors…. 😉

    I’d recommend taking probiotics (I liked Stonyfield Farms yogurt) while you’re on the antibiotics. I know you won’t have the same issues I had with thrush, but it will help keep the bacteria in your body in balance.

    And don’t worry about weight loss until after you’ve healed.

  2. I won’t even waste my breath telling you not to worry about weight loss until after you’ve healed. I’m pretty sure the number on the scale as been at the forefront of your mind the whole pregnancy and I wouldn’t expect it to suddenly not matter to you 🙂

    I vote for taking another week off work!

  3. I am starting to get worried about you with your posting absence… I hope all is well. And, I LOVE your hair. Really, really cute!

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