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A real post WILL happen… I promise

But in the meantime, if anyone can find me this welcome mat, you will be my new BFF. 


PS – I am still alive – just tragically boring.  Seriously, I’ll post eventually.  I plan to start working out again this week so my ego will force me to post the assumed weight loss.  Suffice it to say that sitting at 182 for the last 2 weeks has, um, un-motivated my blogging habit.


2 Responses

  1. I was wondering about you!
    I cut out candy/baked goods for 1 entire day and dropped 4 lbs (and they’ve stayed off despite the reintroduction of candy).

    I’m set to start walking this week and ‘may’ head back to the gym in May-assuming I don’t see a drop in my milk supply.

    I’m finding it hard to blog about just my day to day now that nobody really needs to know what’s happening 24/7 in my world.

  2. Good luck with getting back to the gym. Just don’t push yourself too hard yet, ease into things.

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