Holy crap

I have been spending my lunch hour browsing the internet while sipping a really really horrible mocha (but it was FREE, people – mix a hot chocolate packet from our work ‘coffee’ station with some of the gross, stale, doesn’t-even-smell-good coffee also from said station) and eating my standard work lunch of spinach salad, cup of soup, and a cookie.  This is my life, people, don’t laugh.

I ran into something nearly impossible to miss today called “Amazonfail”.  Google it, if you must, because I don’t feel like linking it.  The basics are that somehow Amazon made a goof in the metadata (the stuff that sorts out everything you search for) categories and put ‘gay’ as well as a few other things into the ‘porn’ category so that it wouldn’t show up on regular searches.  As you might imagine, this pissed off the ‘gay people have rights too’ group (which I dare say should be everyone in the universe even though it is not) who were angered at not only the loss of revenue to the authors of said material but the general societal message that every pissed off committee group has to look for that the gay and lesbian community is obviously a porn-crazed, oversexed, mind numbingly inappropriate group of people.  (Gosh, if they knew how corrupt I am compared to P and J I’m pretty certain Amazon would NEVER have even accidentally sent out that message.  I mean seriously people, they GIGGLED at seeing the twin’s privates on ultrasound.)

So from there I meandered across a link about the end of the world and legalized gay marriages which I figured would prove some entertaining ‘bad-mocha-drinking’ reading material.  THEN, people, then I found the link below.  Yes, “Connecting the Dots: The Link Between Gay Marriage and Mass Murders” is actually the title.  I’m not even making that up.  I had to share this.  My blog title – holy crap – is exactly what this is.  Crap.  Holy crap.  But see, it is so obviously crap, that I had to share it because whenever I wonder how in the world ANYONE could think that gay marriage is a bad thing and that the world will come to an end because, really, people might be allowed to get married out of love and commitment and not out of a desire to get jiggy in the bedroom, I can go back and read this. 

Christians, it seems, have for all of time taught to LOVE your neighbor and NOT to kill your neighbor.  Christians, it seems, have taught that murder is very very very wrong.  All of them.  For all of time.  This ‘post christian world’  (Gosh that made ME giggle to write) is all over killing people and child porn and unwed pregnant teens (Cripes, who the hell was this ‘Mary’ person they keep talking about in December anyway?) and taking advantage of women (Oh, I’m sorry, they actually said ‘trafficking in women’ – I just thought the taking advantage of women pointed out the hypocrisy better).    Yes people, this is all really correlated to a world in which we allow committed, stable, family relationships between two people in love, EVEN if they don’t want to have heterosexual relations.  And, let me just point out, CHRISTIAN PEOPLE have NEVER EVER EVER even considered such sins as wars or treating subgroups of people as less than worthy of respect.

For the record, I’m not saying Christians are inherently bad.  I’m saying that they are not inherently good just because they define themselves as Christian.  I’m also saying that it is so ironic that someone, with a straight face, could even insinuate that there is no blood on Christianity’s history, that I nearly snorted bad mocha out my nose.


Tomorrow, I will dissect the Watchmen movie for you.  Because it makes my brain twist in knots. Also, who wants to watch the new Star Trek movie with me?  I could probably see it with my husband but he isn’t a Trekkie and couldn’t possibly appriciate the Star Trek movie as much as he really should.


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  1. I’m in for Star Trek. It looks super kick butt.

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