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Who are you again?

I made my way into the gym this morning for the first time since mid-pregnancy.  I don’t know why, but as I walked to the locker area I realized that I had been expecting… something… from my first day back.  Some kind of  ‘welcome back!’ comments.  I don’t know who I was thinking would say that, as I never really talked with anyone there.  The building itself, maybe?  Ya, maybe if I took some of that Vicodin while there.  Today I was just as much a stranger there as I was before.  Bummer.

I honestly had been planning on being a good little recovering csection patient and waiting for those 6 weeks postpartum before going to the gym.  Then after a week back at work (I put it off by a week so last week was really my first back at work) I knew that I was feeling certainly well enough to use the elliptical or just walk.  I didn’t want to push running – too much jostling for my mental imagery.  I also didn’t do the weight lifting as I was specifically told to not do that yet and I figure they probably had a good reason to additionally tell me to avoid those after already covering the whole workout in general concept.  Plus, it was a good excuse to be lazy and despite any evidence to the contrary ‘very very lazy’ is an excellent description of me.  If I could get the same results as a workout by somehow sitting on my couch, I totally would do that.  Speaking of – I read something that will always sit in my mind.  Real advances are not found by exceptional people.  Real advances are found by exceptionally lazy people trying to get the same things done with less effort.

Back tracking a bit – we never really found what was causing the fever but it did go away shortly after starting the antibiotics.  Now, did starting the antibiotics cause the fever to go away?  Who really knows.  Either way, things seem to be healing more or less as they should be.

So anyway, results!  I just did 30 minutes of walking (3.5 MPH) today so it was certainly no big strain.  I was really nervous about weighing in after as it was my first time post partum on that gym scale.  It was also my first time weighing in without being totally naked as well as, ya know, clipping my toenails and plucking any stray eyebrow hairs and giving myself a good strong exfoliating rub down before getting on the scale.  Don’t underestimate the effects of an eyebrow hair on the scale.  I merrily skipped off the scale after getting a 181 so that wasn’t too painful after all.  Still plenty left to lose but I was worried that my ‘at home’ weight checks wouldn’t mesh with reality at the gym scale for some reason so I was glad to see that.  Now, of course, a new reality sets in and it is “Crap, there’s a lot left to lose.”  I will though, and it will be bliss to fit into my old clothes.

I’m glad my husband doesn’t read this because I’m going to admit… I want to do it again!  It is too early for me to pester P and J about any siblings and in all reality, I think there is something about waiting some amount of time after a csection before restarting.  I find myself keeping my ears as open as possible for friends/family that could use someone to carry for them.  As I don’t know anyone immediately that I can think of, I guess I’m putting this out there.  If you can think of someone, let me know.  I’m not making any promises, of course.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you went back already!! My gym put my membership on hold for me, so when I go back they start charging me again. I want to be 100% ready when I start paying!

    I think the toughest part of delivering in a surrogate pregnancy is the ‘what now’ feeling we all seem to have. Some docs will say 6 months-which seems way too soon for a c-sec and some will say 1 year, which seems SO far away! So much can happen and change in a year.

    Great to hear you’re feeling all better though and WOW, already back to work!

    • I kept the membership because of the pool. I always think I’ll take the kids there. I don’t know what kind of alternate universe this imaginary ‘me’ is in as I never actually seem to have the time. I still shell out the membership fees. Actually, if I go 12 or more times in a month, my insurrance covers a lot of the fees so it is cheaper if I actually use it.

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