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The biggest loser, I am not.  Not even close.  My first week of being back at the gym and I’ve lost a total of 1 pound.   Honestly, I’m happy with even that because most of this week I’ve been actually over my ‘181’ starting weight for the week.  The assumption, of course, is that it has something to do with my body adjusting to working out again and the stress of the workouts.  I know my feet regained a good amount of their swelling that lasted until Monday even though I didn’t make it into the gym on Sat or Sun.  Hopefully things are adjusting back now though.  I know one thing, I’m a wuss in the gym now!  Wow does that elliptical take it out of me, and I’m just on level 9.  I can’t even imagine level 14 like I was using.  I was looking forward to hitting some runs this summer but it may take longer to get the endurance back up than I had thought.

It’s a short post today.  Sorry – I’m not feeling the greatest.  I’ve got my 6 week postpartum appointment coming up on Friday (my due date) and I’m hoping something can be done about the fact that my incision is not healing well at all.  I’m pretty sure that once it stops hurting, it isn’t supposed to re-start.  It should probably also not be quite so red.  Yay for csections, huh?

That said, Friday is my due date and I would really like to get out and have some fun that night.  The alternative, I think, would be to sit at home by myself and be somewhat depressed and lonely so getting out would be good.  Why depressed and lonely?  Because it is significantly less exciting to NOT be the center of attention for everyone when you are approaching your due date.  Especially the exciting part when you are actually in the hospital giving birth.  Instead I will be at home thinking, holy crap this is boring.  I don’t want that.  SO – who is up for a fun night out???  I’m open to suggestions for places too but yes, Jen, alcohol is allowed. LOL!  You have heard that I’m not pregnant anymore, right?  (Clarification that I am speaking to the Jen that I knew in college and commented on my facebook status, not the blogging Jen that I’ve recently gotten to know, although that Jen is certainly invited as well.)

After Friday… I may actually take down the pregnancy ticker.  Maybe.


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  1. I’d love to go out with you on Friday night but we’re heading to Iowa either Friday night or Saturday morning. You go out and have fun without me, just this once. 🙂

    And I read your comment at Julie’s blog. You know that’s all in your head, right? That you are in no way “responsible” and that you did nothing “wrong?” OK, just checking.

  2. I hate the gym, and I never ellyptical over a level 9. Because it would kill me, I’m sure. Yes, go out on your due date!! Have some fun with the girls, enjoy this “not pregnant” moment. I’d come if I were anywhere near! Which I’m not, so empty support there, sorry……..


  3. I’ll be out drinking some alcohol on your due date! We’re probably going to Psycho Suzi’s in North Minneapolis. They have the BEST drinks and awesome food. You should try it sometime if you havent yet…which I’m sure you have since you grew up around here. LOL

  4. Endurance? Never heard of it!
    My kicker wasn’t the due daye since I had no plans to hold out that long, for me it was our ‘desired’ due date-3-3-09.
    Have a GREAT night!!

  5. Hope you have a great night. I think dancing would be my preference, just a night with some gals and loud music!

    You’ll have to let us know what it is you decided to do. And have a blast!

  6. What kind of pain are you having? Could it just be nerve endings finding each other again?

    Have fun Friday night. I’ll be thinking about you fine ladies when I’m out watching wrestling.

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