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Achilles’ heel

Apparently, I have one.  Not so much in that I was shot by a poison arrow in my heel and am thus in the process of dying.  Also not so much in that I have a specific weak spot in my otherwise superhero-like flawless strength of both person and character.  No, that remains, as such, flawless.  My Achilles’ heel is, in fact, my achilles heel.  Literally.  My achilles tendon is suffering from a form of tendinitis that my podiatrist doctor flatteringly referred to as “something that normally only hits people over 50… I’m not sure why it is getting YOU.”  Thanks.  After that he muttered something about pregnancy hormones which I’m certain have the tendency to mimic ‘over 50’ in everyone so I’ll accept that as a perfectly good explanation.  I first noticed this pain while I was doing my hamstring stretches after a workout and thus whenever I forgot that it hurt like Holy Fucking Hell to hold my leg out straight and flex my foot upwards, I would do so and yes, it would hurt.  I first saw a neurologist thinking it was nerve related as the actual area on my heel or anywhere else didn’t hurt or feel tender, only the movement caused shooting pain.  The neurologist was so shocked to hear that it only hurt to flex my foot upwards when my leg was straight and not while it was bent that he insisted on pulling my leg out straight and flexing my foot. Then getting kicked in the face because DAMMIT, I TOLD HIM, OW!**  He told me that he had no idea what it could possibly be and to make another appointment in 3 weeks to see if it goes away on its own.  As I left I distinctly heard him mutter ‘freak’ out of the corner of his mouth but he could’ve been talking about anyone really.** 

Later that day I called a podiatrist thinking that another specialty might have the answer and he seemed to agree and invited me in for an appointment.  It seems that my achilles tendon attaches up above the back of my knee and thus when my leg is straight, it is tighter than when it is bent.  When it is straight AND I flex my foot upwards, it is tight enough to feel like it is ripping fiber by painful fiber off of the back corner of my heel.  His answer?  Don’t do that.  There was ice mentioned but I’m not likely to take the time to sit and ice my heel so basically I need to not do the things that hurt and it should get better on its own.  This would be a lot easier if I didn’t keep forgetting that the things that hurt really DO hurt and then doing them.  Mostly my hamstring stretches and moving my leg/foot around when I’m in bed.

Thankfully, I don’t have to stop my workouts as I’m finally starting to get my old abilities back.  I’m able to do the 30 minute elliptical at lvl 10 and ~5.5 MPH so that has me feeling pretty happy.  I FINALLY got to 177 this morning which is totally suckily slow but hey, it is DOWN so I’ll take it.  I’d prefer 2 pounds per week and not 1 pound per 2 weeks but it seems my system isn’t ready to snap back to <25 BMI as quickly as I would like it to.  I keep saying I need to try running for real one of these workouts but I haven’t.

I’d like to leave you with a little story that is, sadly, real.  I was driving my two angelic youngest children home from daycare one day.  They were both talking about what they’d like to get for their birthdays.  Jessie said she wants a big new barbie car and Asher said HE wants a big new barbie car too.  Jessie told him he needed a BOY barbie car and I asked Jessie what made a boy barbie car for boys.  The answer from the psychotic whack job in the back seat?  “BOY barbie cars have pictures of GUNS on them.  And Boys.  And boys holding GUNS shooting Barbie.”  NICE Jessie.  So I asked her what girl barbie cars had.  “Girl barbie cars have pictures of Barbie holding guns shooting BOYS, Mom.”  (Total eye-roll sass included.)  I thus tortured her with my speech about solving problems without guns and fighting and how making up shit in your blog about them is a much better way to get revenge.  Now she is asking for a WordPress account for her birthday.**


**These 3 sentences are not actually true.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah for 177!!

  2. sucks about your heel. Hope it feels better soon.

  3. Ouch. Sounds painful. And, I also hate icing injuries… it’s definitely hard to find the time to sit still. Hope it heals (no pun intended) quickly!

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