Stacy and Clinton, WTF?

Seriously, I cannot understand how I have not been accosted by this fashion duo yet.  Every morning I go to get dressed and have to deal with the effects that this:
My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

has done to my closet.  Your body doesn’t do this while your closet stays normal.  I have literally clothing in every size from 10 to 22.  Some maternity, some not.  Some hanging up, some shoved on the shelf above the rack, some shoved in drawers and some just on the floor.  Of all of these clothing items, only a fraction actually fit me at any given time and because it is all so flux – it is usually NOT the items hanging up that fit.  Add to that the fact that MN can go from 30 below to 100 above in a matter of weeks and you see my dilemma.  Add to that the fact that I have ZERO fashion sense and manage to wear the most inappropriate thing possible and you see even more how perplexed I am to have not been asked by some twitchy looking market research person about my personal sense of style.

As for Stacy and Clinton – seriously – I’m a woman working full time in a male dominated computer field with three kids and a military husband who has carried twins for two married gay men and is starting surrogacy #2.  I have lost a daughter at 39 weeks.  I share embarrasing and questionable facts about my life with no regard to privacy and I’m a solstice celebrating pagan.  I’ve also lost 70 pounds in a quest to better myself.  How I have reached 34 years of age and NOT been on TV is a mystery to me.   Forget Stacy and Clinton, Oprah, are you not paying attention???

So anyway, the benevolent scale has today given me 172 which shocked the hell out of me but I’ll take it.  I’ll take anything I can get while on birth control pills before this transfer.  I just did a 30 minute run on the bike today as I was up way too late on the phone with my IM last night.  I love that we all can talk so great and oddly I don’t really feel that tired but I opted to not try something that involved standing up this morning.  I always think the bike is the wussy workout but I was sweating quite a lot by the time I was done.


2 Responses

  1. Two days in a row!! Welcome back!!

    I find not getting dressed and listening to my 12 & 10 year olds ask me to PLEASE put on at least underwear is the way to go. (Now that I’m sporting underwear they’d also like the boobs covered up and no my hands will not do).

    Honestly the idea of having to dress for work is what keeps me a SAHM. I’m terrified of ‘work clothing’, so much so that I’d almost rather work at Taco Bell, since they give you a uniform.

    I caught the IM reference-now to piece together if you’re indy or agency-oh and how you all met 🙂

  2. Wow, you ran on the bike. Now that’s talent!

    And, the bike is wussy, unless you have (or want) massive quads. My legs give out long before my heart does on the bike.

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