Tubes, sockets, and the best of intensions

Good morning!  So, I have been working out regularly again for a month with nothing serious happening to me.  No pianos falling from the sky, no wisdom teeth forcing removal and dry socket, no embryos attaching themselves to my fallopian tubes and trying to kill me via internal hemorrhage.  It’s all good. 

I’m depressed and motivated at the same time to see the ground that I’ve lost.  I knew I was gaining weight while trying to fix my anemia issues and dealing with surgery and transfer protocols and all that.  I just seem to have forgotten how far down I had actually gotten after the pregnancy and before starting IVF.  Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

So after my last post in September, I saw a hemotologist to go over my anemia that wasn’t getting better post pregnancy.  I had an IV iron treatment that instantly brought me up.  YAY.    I worked out a bit and then my jaw started hurting.  A lot.  I had one last wisdom tooth that was impacted.  A lot.  I had to have it removed and that was a pretty serious jaw surgery issue there which resulted in dry socket and pain.  That was eventually taken care of and then we started meds for IVF transfer #2.  We did this in December and received news at 10 days past a 3 day transfer that our beta was negative.  Sad sad and all that.  January came and I was back into my routine as I waited on my IPs finding a new egg donor.  I had an US at about cycle day 14 to see if there was fluid in my lining (persistent problem before and I wanted to see if meds were causing it since I wasn’t on meds that time.)  Well, I was spotting the day of the US so yes there was fluid but I had never been spotting before so my OB said it was not conclusive because actively bleeding means of course there is fluid.  I was working out again and discovered that I’d gotten up to 184 by that time.  Since I had been convinced that I was at least 190 before stepping on the scale, that was a happy shock.  Well, about 5 days after that US, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible abdominal pain.  I ended up being ambulanced into the nearest hospital where we discovered I had a beta blood test for HCG of over 13,000!  I was pregnant even after that Dec. beta had been negative.  They did another US (5 days after the lining check one where no one saw anything) and saw a little fetus with a beating heart growing away in my right tube.  The IVF HAD worked, only in the wrong place.  My tube ruptured and was removed and I had them also remove the other one so that I would not be at risk for any more ectopics.  (And just in case, ya know, my husband’s TWO vasectomies ever decided to not work.) 

Newly tube free and post surgery, I waited a week and went back to the gym.  To find out I was now 186.  I’ve managed to stay on that routine since that time and am now down to 178 as of yesterday!  YAY!  I also had an US mid-cycle with my first post tube-removal surgery cycle and my lining looked totally normal and fluid free.  I also had my final HCG beta at that time and it was a 2 so… basically back down to 0 finally.  Somehow, hitting 0 HCG triggered my system to reboot my cycles and I had a non-ovulatory period.  I’m now in the middle of what is my first normal cycle since July of last year and we’ll see how it goes.  I’d like to do another mid-cycle lining check US in March to verify a normal lining again but beyond that, I’m thinking I’m FINALLY back to normal!  And about 20 pounds more than I want to be but I’m getting there.

I’ve been ellipting and running which is going MUCH better than it did back when I had the anemia to deal with.  I’ve gotten up to a 5.8 MPH running speed for the 3 mile and a 5.4 MPH running speed for the 5 mile run.  It isn’t easy, but I’m pushing to get back my 6.0 MPH (10 minute mile) speeds.  My knees have been sort of whining but nothing serious.  My foot got a blister from my first 5 mile run and my friends guilted me into a decent running shoe (I got New Balance) which I promptly ran 5 miles on and got another blister.  The upper insides of my arms have been rubbing raw on something… sports bra?.. tank top?.. while I run/ellip as well which I find strange since neither of these were issues pre-twins.  I’m doing the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ method of dealing with both issues at this time as it has worked so well for me in the past with running pains.

Surrogacy-wise, we’re on a path towards transfer #3 which I am TOTALLY PSYCHED is going to work!!  I think that this time off for my system from the meds is doing it wonders.  I also think that the tubal removed my tubes from the possible culprits list for the dreaded fluid-in-lining issues in the past transfers.  We may never know what was causing it but it is possible that the Csection with the twins somehow got a little blood from that surgery inside my tubes which altered their surface and caused them to start creating fluid in the estrogen part of my cycle, especially when faced with ultra estrogen from the cycling meds.  That would be consistent with the ectopic because the blood in my tubes could’ve possibly caused the surface of my tubes to allow an ectopic more easily.  Of course, ectopics are really pretty common in IVF and there is a delicate balance of timing of the cycle, the direction that your tubes are trying to encourage things, your tubes want sperm to go in before/at ovulation time, egg to go out about 3-5 days after ovulation time… doing an embryo transfer before your body changes tube flow direction encourages tubal pregnancies.  I never had a med-free cycle that didn’t have bleeding caused by the tubal pregnancy creating fluid in my lining to check on US.  There’s just no way to know.  Regardless, it is water under the bridge because this next transfer is going to work!!!  New egg donor, great eggs, new cycle perfect.  It’s looking like we MIGHT end up with the transfer in May based on egg donor stuff so I’ve got a bit of time to keep getting that weight down. 

It’d be nice to be able to wear my OLD old pre-pregnancy clothes before going to get knocked up again.  I think I’d have to get down to the 160s,  maybe 165, before the bulk of that fits correctly again.  I am today wearing my 2nd largest pair of jeans that fit me pre-twins.  Granted, muffin top…  but that is way better than having my formerly known as fat pants being slightly uncomfortable tight.  (That would be my 1st largest pair of pre-pregnancy jeans which now fit me perfectly.)

OH!  I almost forgot!  As of a few hours from now I will officially be a founding member of Lifetime Fitness!  HA!!  I know, and yes, they still suck!  The thing is, they’ve bought out all the other big full service gyms in the area and they are the best available for what I need/want.  I’ve discovered that purchasing a founder membership is really not all that hard and it will lock me in with AWESOME dues for not just me, but also my family.  With Gavin nearing the 12 year age, I’d have to go up to a very costly $100+ per month membership to allow him into the gym with my regular membership.  Now it will only be $45 per month for the whole family for life.  (My dues are currently about $59 per month for just me.)  I’m totally excited about getting this purchase – hope for me that it all goes smoothly today at noon!

SO – the question is – how much can I lose in March?  I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be stuck back on BCPs in April so I won’t count on losing much at that time. 

Everyone updated now?


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  1. It is SO wonderful to hear from you! I had just been thinking that it’d been FOREVER!!
    Wow, you have been through the wringer!
    I can’t find much pity for your 186 weight, as I’m trying desperately to get below 200 (I’ve been on the edge for awhile now 200.5) and then nightmare periods hit and I’m back to 205 before I know it!

    Would love to hear more from you!

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