Attempting a Run

Happy birthday today to my big 3 year old, Asher!

I was running late today.  As such, I thought today would be the perfect day to do a short workout and to run instead of ellip.  Since I have worked out every day for the past 6 days, my mind kinda set up a block against wanting to workout again today, the 7th day.  I try to get at least 1 day in a week to rest but it is hard to allow that and not want more days off.  Balance is not easy. (As Tara from The Biggest Loser would know because does anyone else think she answered that question about balance at the finale with gibberish?  Of course, I’d have said “Are you kidding me?  You don’t mess with ‘balance’ when you are training to win TBL.  I worked my ass off and then worked some more and forgot what all possibility of normal life even looked like.  There’s time for balance after I win.”)  Since I am not on the line to stand on a scale in front of a live national audience, I do actually want balance.  So I walked into the gym with a strong voice telling me to not push it.

So I was just going to run a mile.  I started walking and got up to a 5.5 MPH run before my heel started to hurt.  DAMN.  It didn’t hurt a lot, but since I’d like it to heal and not hurt forever I slowed it back down again.  I was stuck at 4.3 MPH and I couldn’t run much faster or my heel would hurt – I think because then I’d have to take wider steps and the kicking my foot out in front of me was pulling on that tendon.  That means at least 3 more weeks of not seriously running and I was really upset with that.  Well, I still am but I was down right mad there in the gym.  It also means that I probably injured it in the first place that time I tried running a couple weeks back.

After two days at 177, I was really hoping for a 176 today.  We stopped at Cold Stone last night to pick out the cakes for Jessie and Asher’s birthdays  (I was going to do ONE cake and split the decorations in half  but I couldn’t really visualize a half  Spider Man half ballerina cake so I just got two small round cakes.) and everyone but me got to pick out some ice cream to eat while there.  I got their fancy health-kick frozen yogurt thing they were advertising instead of the double chocolate peanut butter thing I wanted to get.  I came home and ate green pepper slices and string beans instead of the treats I wanted to get.  Over lunch yesterday I did NOT go eat at the restaurant for the free ‘going away’ lunch for a co-worker and instead ate my raw fruits and vegies in my bag from home.  I was going to get 176 on Friday no matter what it cost me!!!

I got 178 today.  At least I’m wearing a pair of jeans from pre-pregnancy that I haven’t worn since I was only a few weeks into the twin’s gestation.  I’m wearing a nice loose shirt so no one can see the hideous muffin top effect that these jeans are having but that is not important.  The important part is that they are buttoned and zipped and I am able to sit down with only slight blood flow restriction issues to my lower half.


3 Responses

  1. Hilarious as always!
    I plan to be back at the gym by June 1, but I’m walking twice a day for about 30 min- 1 1/2 miles each time.
    I’m still eating like crap, but I only had 1 swiss roll (package of 2) and a box of cookies instead of the box of cookies and 4 packages of swiss rolls. I dropped another 2 lbs. If only I could actually stop eating the swiss rolls, imagine where I could be.

    I’m still not willing to give out the number though.

  2. … the last paragraph! I am sitting at work with that same predicament, but smiling that they’re zipped. Way to go!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I have a foot problem, too. I am trying to decide about the relevant surgery. GAH.

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