Decision Time

I could apologise for being a bad blogger and going AWOL but that would be too commonplace for me and besides, we all know bloggers everywhere get tired of blogging from time to time.  I’ll make it back more regularly posting, you know I will.

Life has been very much falling back into ‘normal’ for me.  Summer is finally here for us and that means Gavin is out of school (YAY!! No more homework for me!)  Our family is trying to figure out if we’d like to get an above ground pool this summer so if you have any experience with that feel free to let us know.  Feel free to work “Spend that money on yourself and go on a kid/husband free vacation to _____ instead!!” into your reply.  Especially if you offer for me to stay with you.  Especially if you are my sister going to the Hamptons this summer!

I was stuck in ‘no change’ land for a long time with my weight.  I was getting extremely annoyed because I was DOING all the same things that I knew worked but my weight was not changing.  Finally literally overnight I dropped to 174 on Thursday morning.  It meshed up with the return of my beloved cycles so I’m thinking the pregnancy hormones were making my system hold onto the weight.  I was 175 the next day but I’ve managed to get back that 174 this morning and hopefully hold onto it.  It isn’t easy as we’re at the start of the hubby’s annual training 2.5 week leave so doing both drop off AND pick up doesn’t leave much “workout” time.  Still, I’m managing.  I think that if it isn’t raining today after getting the kids I’m gonna try to hook up the bike cart to my bike and bring the kids out to a park a small ride away from the house.

I’m a little creeped out by my fat percent scale at home.  It is registering WAY high right now.  It was always high but for some reason it has me sitting near 40% body fat right now.  I’m not sure how I can be 40% body fat at 174 pounds.  That would mean 70 pounds of me is fat – I don’t think so.

Actually, most of my pre-pregnancy clothing is fitting me at this point.  (Michelle, I’ve got your maternity stuff all packed up for you! LOL!  I finally gave up even the jeans!)  I’ve still got a much pouchier tummy but that may not change without external help.

SO – now is the decision time.  Do I want to do it again or not?  Now is the time because if I DON’T do it again, I can actually start pursuing my tummy tuck dream.  If I do though, for obvious reasons, I don’t want to get any surgery done now.  I’m SOOO majorly conflicted.  It was much easier when I had the weight to lose again preventing me from being able to do anything anyway.    I was kinda hoping that by the time I was back down in weight, either P and J would’ve told me for sure sibling or no, or the PERFECT IPS that I just couldn’t say no to would’ve tracked me down out of the blue.

As for the boys – the last I heard they are about 15 pounds each now and starting to smile!  It sounds like they are sleeping better as well.  I’m happy for the guys.  Hopefully parenthood can settle down a bit for them now.


6 Responses

  1. Welcome back! You have been missed! If you want to head on over to Northern California, you’re welcome to come. In fact you could have the whole place to yourself the last week of July. We’re about 2 hours from everything-mt’s, ocean.

    Congrats on the weight and the clothes.
    I’m sure a decision will come to you in due time.

    Enjoy your summer. We’ve done an above ground pool every summer for the last 4 or 5 years. We do it the wrong way though and get a new one each year. We SUCK at the maintenance and the kids only use it for the first month or so-but yours are a bit younger so they may be fine with it. Mine knew it wasn’t a ‘real’ pool. (I’m referring to the a.g. poos that are 200-400).

  2. Pool freak me out a lot because of the whole drowning thing, but I know they are a lot of fun. And work. We plan to use our neighbor’s this afternoon. That’s what I recommend: use a neighbor’s! Ha.

    What are the pros and cons of being a surrogate again?

  3. I’m so glad you’re back! Ah, I would love a pool, but then I’d have a constantly wet dog, and a pool filter clogged with dog hair. Lovely.

    San Diego is always a nice place to visit… Cheap nonstop flight from MSP…

    And, I’m glad to hear that the little guys are growing so well.

  4. Don’t worry, I’ve still got Shannon’s pump, so I’m no better!

  5. I found this fascinating quote today:

    This is why I’m creating my own cheap pools; You play a crucial role in this area.

    Fusion, cheap above ground swimming pools

  6. Time for a new post, Robyn!! Get your arse over here!!!

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